What is slightly smoother than a Personna Red/IP?

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    I purchased 100 of the UK packaging IPs and, in general, they are great and work well in all razors I've tried. But, I'm trying to really dial in a 50's, UK ball-end Tech with technique improvements, yet still get some neck irritation after 3/4 days in a row. Is there a blade you can recommend that offers similar sharpness (or maybe even a touch sharper) with more smoothness, ideally in that style of razor?
  1. Have you ever tried Gillette 7 O'clock Super Stainless (Russian Greens)? They are very sharp and super, super smooth.
  2. Rapira Swedish blades are quite smooth and for new razor I usually pick them. They must be equally sharp as Personna Reds.
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    PTFE coated blades will be the smoothest

  4. Haven't tried any of the recommendations thus far.
  5. I have several Tech's .they all love the Bic blade. My slim not so much.
  6. Nacet. You're welcome.
  7. Perma Sharp Supers.
  8. Treet Durasharp are about the smoothest I know of. Not the most sharp, but extremely smooth.
  9. Yes nacets are insanely smooth
  10. GSB is both sharp, and very smooth.
  11. Tough question! YMMV is the rule especially for blades. That said, I find the Israeli reds top-tier for sure! Other smooth options for me are GSB, Nacet and Wizamet Super Iridiums.
  12. I can get GSBs locally. Sounds like a place to start.
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    Pol Silver SI's
  14. Polsilver Super Iridium
  15. Nacet
  16. Thanks for the ideas. Will try some new ones (including the Polsilvers that can also be obtained locally).

    In other news, the IP works great in a pre-war Tech! And, I do like that razor a bit better than the ball end Tech.
  17. Voskhods are also very smooth in my experience.
  18. For every blade on the planet there is someone who deems it a favorite. Tryablade is the answer to every question about blades. Period. Exclamation.

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