What is Rocca head material?

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    What material is the head made from on the Muhle Rocca razor? The muehleusa web site says the handle is stainless steel but it doesn’t say anything about the head.
  2. Sintered stainless steel, from what I’ve read.
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    Thanks, Tanuki. I was thinking it was steel too. It just struck me as odd that the website specifically mentions the handle material but not the head.
  4. The cap is made of injection molded 316L stainless steel .
    The base plate is machined 316L stainless steel .
    The handle is press-fit 316L stainless steel inserts ,
    onto DLC brass middle section.
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    Thank you for your reply - I did not know there was brass in the handle. Interesting.

    I am still trying to figure out this razor; I like the handle but the head causes me problems. I can put an R89 head on that handle and shave with ease but when I put the Rocca head back on it makes me afraid to shave - I don't like that.

    I've watched a number of videos on how to use this razor but it hasn't clicked for me yet. The speed some people can use it at nearly gives me an anxiety attack just watching it!
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  6. I just got my Jet Rocca yesterday. It seems lighter than my solid SS razors so I wonder if part of the handle is hollow. With my first shave last night I started with the Muhle blade that came with it but switched out to a Polsilver after just a few passes because the Muhle blade was tugging. Pol smoothed it out a lot. Playing with the angle also helped. 2 pass BBS but I took my time.
  7. Great response!! Excellent materials IMHO!! :a14::a14:
  8. ike



    Thank you for your encouraging report. I did shave with the Rocca this morning and got through it with just two small weepers, but it was still a very tenuous and somewhat nerve-racking process. I have to admit though I got a pretty darn good two pass shave when all is said and done. I just want to feel more confident while shaving with this razor.
  9. @ike
    From all the research I did it's just a terrible razor, bad design even worse manufacturing quality. In V3 it's still terrible. I know you're tempted but don't persist shaving with it, it's not worth the aggravation. Just look at it since it's the only flawless feature of the Rocca.
  10. ike


    I’m not sure if you are meaning to be funny or not but your post gave me a chuckle. The razor seems to work for some but I am still reserving my final judgment.

    In any case, if I don’t use the Rocca head it makes for a very nice razor when the Rocca handle is paired with an R89 head.

    By the way, I made sure I got the R89 head with the updated brass screw.
  11. The handle of Rocca is indeed hollow .
    If you ask me ,the razor is indeed terrible .
    Some people find it very smooth razor .
    Guess that they haven't shaved with a really smooth razor ,
    like Tatara ,Karve ,Wolfman & Timeless .
    I had one ( v3 )and sold it to a friend that shaves his head with a straight .

    Even the third version is a piece of c... .
    At the edges of the razor the blade is not clamped well .
    Big failure from Muhle.
    Will never buy a razor from Muhle again.
    The Zamak closed comb ( R89 ) ,does not shave .
    The Zamak hybrid /open comb (R41 ) is a butchering instrument ,
    and the SS closed foam edge (R96 ) is teaching the blade how to dance samba .
    Awful razors.Never really understood all the hype about them .
    Only looks and nothing more than that .
  12. I'm trying to spare you the hours (possibly days) I spent reading complaints and negative experiences by those who bought this razor. You can complain to Muhle directly and they will provide you a replacement head that actually shaves normally, even if it's still misaligned or badly machined.

    The handle is thin hollow brass tube, which will eventually show up as the DLC coating wears off. If you go with birch, that one will quickly deteriorate with use. Just put the Rocca on your mirror ledge and look at it as you shave with an ugly but better performing razor.
  13. ike


    You guys all have me considering the titanium Timeless ...
  14. If you are pleased how the R89 shaves, contact Muhle for a replacement head on the Rocca. Will cost you nothing.
  15. Whats to consider? My Ti95SB is one of the 2 best razors I've ever used to date!! The other is the SS95DC that I just purchased in January...
    B-day Shave.jpg
  16. ike


    I do have a spare R89 head already. I may end up just selling the Rocca to someone who can appreciate its shave better than I.
  17. Replacement head for the steel Rocca, not the zamak R89. I believe you got a dud like many who bought the Rocca. Their manufacturing standard and QC is very poor but the customer support exemplary.
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    Ok, the Rocca head. One issue I’ve seen others have is poor blade alignment but mine is very good in this aspect. It shaves the flat areas just fine it’s just when I get around the jawline and chin that I run into problems. I’m thinking that may be more my technique rather than the razor head?
  19. Could be. Yet, some had no blade alignment issues and got much better shaves after replacing the head. Some had blade alignment issues and the new replacement heads still had them but shaved smoother. Some have everything perfect but still can't shave on the chin or ATG at all.
  20. ike


    FYI: I just ordered the Timeless Titanium .68 razor. If I don't like it I can return it in 30 days I guess.

    Enablers. Just say'n.

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