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what is j-hooking and buffing ?

I've used both techniques. I use the J-hook sometimes on the back of my head where the grain seems to go in different directions. And I've used buffing, primarily with a 3-piece razor (or two piece) or my Krona because I find them to be easier to buff with. I haven't liked buffing with most TTOs so far.

For me, these two techniques are mostly for after the first or second pass, not for the earlier passes.
J-hooking scares the heck out of me just thinking about it, I'm just not that coordinated. I use light buffing all the time in my clean up pass. I'm sure there are some instructions and tutorial somewhere but for me it is a very shallow blade angle, light pressure with some skin-stretching and I use a light "scrubbing" motion in which I keep the razor and blade in contact with my skin.
My neck shaves improved a lot after I noticed the grain goes from chin to ear on my neck. A true ATG pass from ear to chin I found to be very difficult to execute comfortably on my neck. I adopted a S-N stroke with a slight j-hook to the chin. Gotta keep a very light touch but this improved my world a lot.
There are a lot of posts here and no one actually defined j hooking but SteveWY did a good definition of blade buffing. You can find videos on YouTube for both. J hooking is where you're pulling the razor and change direction so that the razor makes a j shape
I created my own technique that I don't have a name for. It's kinda like a J-hook, but not really. As I have this patch on my neck that grows in a circle pattern, I hold my razor by the end and give it a kinda twist so that it does a spinorama, hey! I think I just named it. It's a spinorama. And Yes, It's now illegal in the shootout.
Sounds like Spirograph to me....
Blade buffing & J-hooking are ways of telling a shaver that they need to stop faffing about & get a more aggressive razor.:thumbup:
I j-hook the most sensitive parts of my neck on occasion, but I buff regularly. It's especially helpful on my chin. The trick is to drag the used lather backhand over the spot or else you might as well use a cheese grater if the skin is dry.
I perform a WTG, XTG, blade-buffed ATG...

I don't aim for BBS but the above process gives me one 90% of the time. The last blade-buffed ATG pass will be hell on your skin if any shaving variables are not perfect (angle, blade sharpness, lather quality, etc).
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