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What in the world does Speick smell like?

That's a hard one. It is a very unique scent (at least for me). Suffice to say it is a VERY herbal smell.

Sorry, I know that doesn't help much. It is a hard scent to describe.
Funny. I was sniffing at a newly acquired stick earlier in the day and thinking the same thing. Herbal? I can see that. Faint hint of mint? Perhaps. Haven't shaved with it yet, but I'll remedy that in a day or two.
This has to be the best scent describing thread in B&B history. I've never smelled the soap, but I think I know exactly what it smells like. The nape of the wood nymphs neck was the clincher!


Loves a smelly brush
It's nice. A natural herbal scent and unique so I can't compare it to anything. I kind of wish it was stronger, though.
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