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What if you don't like it?

I was wondering what everyone does with aftershaves or balms they don't like on the first try? Do you try it again? Immediately post it on BST? Throw it in a drawer to be forgotten?

I usually try something maybe 6-10 times unless I have some sort of skin reaction or it's offensive. After that it may live on the shelf for a while for another try in the future. Sometimes I need the scent to grow on me a little over time. I found Dr. Harris Sandalwood almost too intense the first couple of times I used it. Now it's one of my current favorites. Had I only gone with the initial try I would have missed out on a great product.
I'll generally use it up and don't buy another bottle. Some AS grows on me and I end up liking a brand I never thought I would like. Master's Topaz went from being so-so (ok but not earth shattering) to being one of my favorite and most complimented aftershaves.
I give aftershaves a pretty good chance before I get rid of them. Musgo Real isn't one of my favorites, but I keep it around even though I could probably sell it. The only aftershave I threw in the garbage after I couldn't sell or trade it was Pinaud Clubman.
As you I give it a few tries, so far only I've only met one aftershave that I just couldn't become friends with, Taylor's No.74.

I smelled like a old woman with silver hair and a walking stick for days (At least it felt like I did)
I sit them on the shelf with the rest of them and probably try them out again in the future. You can imagine how full the shelf is atm :laugh:

I have only came across 2-3 aftershaves that I hated after the first use.
I am saving Pashana for office wear, for when my colleagues finally have driven me to breaking point.
I generally get rid of it. I bought some Floriday Water that SWMBO loved. I used half of it until I couldn't stand it anymore, and then "accidentally" dumped a little down the sink until it was gone.

The Veg was in the can before I could even finish getting the cap off. :lol:
I'll give a new AS a try and if I don't like it, I'll stop using it. But then I'll generally try it again in a week or two. I'd do that a couple or three times then put it under the sink where it will just sit. No big loss because I only buy inexpensive AS.
I used to hate Old Spice.I tried it once in a while very diluted,Now I use it full strength and I love it.Go figure.....
Balms as an after shower shin moisturizer.

Wow, now that's something I've never thought of! I will make my own product targeting the heretofore untapped droves of consumers clamoring for products to moisturize their shins! Think about all those poor soccer (football) players with their shinguards! They must be positively chafed.
I definitely give an AS "the benefit of the doubt." I'll keep using it for a while; sometimes my opinion of it changes. I'm sensitive to scents and sometimes that translates to "senstive to *new* scents," whereby I think a scent is too strong or not for me and I end up liking it.

I was sort of unsure about Floid Italian and Spanish, but grew to like them a lot. I had a similar reaction to DR Harris' Arlington. All three have gone on to be some of my absolute favorites.

I'm at that stage with Alt Innsbruck at the moment. I'm still not sure if it's for me; it *is* a strongly scented AS. At first I thought too strong, but I'm getting used to it. The jury is still out. If I find it's not for me, I'll probably just pass it along to a relative or friend rather than put it on the BST.
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