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What I like about my bathroom


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My setup is a little different than most, one I haven't seen in anyone else's home. Rather than the ubiquitous double side by side sinks, we have sinks on opposite walls.

First off, my wife's stuff doesn't creep over to my side, as in the old days. It's one thing for a man to get twelve inches by the edge of the mattress, while her majesty sprawls across the remaining 64". It's another thing altogether for my shave gear to get displaced further and further to the edge of the countertop, replaced by all manner of ungodly girlie paraphernalia. Nope, the eight feet she would have to traverse to use "my" side may as well be the Sahara desert- my stuff is safe and sound.

Secondly, if I angle my head just right, I can see 100's of images in the mirror. Not so good for looking at me, very good for viewing her. I have to shave alone, as it's far too distracting.

We're looking for a new house, and this will be one consideration that's pretty high on my list.

Anyone else have a similar setup?
I wish I had a similar setup. Currently My bathroom has just one sink and a large countertop. We hope to somday redo the bath so there are double sinks but that is way off in the future. As it stands I'll have to remain jealous of your setup.:wink:
Sounds like a great set up, My dream is to add an instant Hot water tap in there, Dreams of hot lather dancing in my head!
We have two sinks but side by side. Just recently built this house but never though of doing two sinks on opposite sides. What a great idea, the next house we build, I will certainely keep your plan in mind.

Make sure you get a 'tankless' water system-non-ending supply of hot water:


Love the sinks on opposite walls.:biggrin:

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