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What have you got free from a vendor??

In my last order from Fendrihan:
Clubman Jeris Osage Rub Toner (2 ml)
Anthony Shave Cream (3 ml)
Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum (2 ml)​
Before that,
Brickell Maximum Strength Hand Balm (4 g)
Bluebeards Original Beard Saver (3 ml)
Fendrihan Sandalwood & Lavender Shaving Soap (18 g)​
Just enough of each to try it once.
I typically order just enough to make the $50 minimum to get free shipping, and that much usually gets you three sample items, which you select during checkout.
Based on my last order, they’ve significantly increased their selection of available sample products to choose from (selection was limited before that).

Of course, I liked one of the samples I received so much I ended up buying a full sized one... which yielded a new sample.... which meant I needed to..... damnit, vicious circle.
These are just great to know.
I guess the biggest factor is the amount of your order, because I haven't been so fortunate. I have received nice had written letters.
In no particular order:

A substantial sized tub of shaving soap, derby blades, samples of face wash, aftershave balm and moisturizer.
Here in Australia, there is an online store that often gives free blades and keyrings with any order.
One time, my order consisted of "only" 1 pre-shave soap bar, which was a dented stock item costing $7.50 AUD shipped.
I received said item the following day as it was sent "express" which itself costs about $10 to post. Included within were several blade tucks, and a full Haslinger soap puck!


The stingiest vendor has been WCS. I’ve spent hundreds and received precisely zero samples.

Fortunately their efficient website, relatively quick shipping and accuracy make up for it.

I respectfully disagree that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, particularly when ordering direct from an artisan. When I buy a soap for $19.99 I doubt that they would have sold said soap for $19.50 if they hadn’t included a sample. I would assume samples for all vendors are loss leaders for sellers, until, we buy the full thing after experiencing it. I’ve purchased many items in full quantities that I likely never would have, had I been required to pay full freight and take a gamble on the full size.

The Captain remains the most generous I’ve dealt with. And the hand written notes are a nice touch.

The strangest “freebie” I got from a vendor was a wooden nickel from PAA. That was unfortunate as it went straight to the trash.
Almost all of the vendors I've dealt with have included a handwritten thank you on the invoice. In many cases, I've also received little surprises like a tuck of blades, a soap sample, a sample after shave, or a shave stick in addition to the note. While free samples are nice and I appreciate them when I receive them, the note is much more important to me because it's a personal touch showing a human took time to write it (and it usually takes more time than just chucking a sample in a box). You just don't get that from Amazon.
A bottle of Myrsol Emulsion. I did show up at the owner’s home/factory in Barcelona, however, to pick up Agua de Limón and Formula K. I ended up sending the freebie to someone who enjoys it more.
Although I like getting free stuff as much as the next person, we should not expect it, nor should we judge vendors by it.

Much of the stuff discussed here cannot be found at Walmart or CVS—we need good vendors. That means they need to realize enough profit to support their families and pay any employees fair wages. I can’t imagine this is a high volume business and despite what we see as high prices ($30 for soap?!), it would take many (even high margin) sales to be profitable.

So, easy on the expectations. We need our vendors to thrive. Otherwise we’re back to 1995; live with what you can find in the stores.

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Stirling and B&M send free samples every time, without exception.
True to Stirling!! But have to disagree about B & M. Nothing wrong with service but ordered handful of times and only once received a free AS sample.
I really think and understand it really is the amount you buy. I very seldom order over 20 bucks. The last few days I received items from Wet the Face. and Grooming dept and nothing.
Stone Cottage was great with me.
I ordered soaps but mentioned creams in a posting that made on B&B. Dave read it before he filled my order and emailed me to check if I had made a mistake on my order. I had ordered all creams by mistake. He allowed me to modify it before shipment and I had him give me some of both. I had paid for all creams, which were smaller and cheaper. He changed some of the creams to soaps and left the price the same.

His customer service was outstanding.

I like both his soaps and creams. Smells are great. It took some experimenting to get the lather right with my water, but they now work really well.
Tucks of blades here and there. Always a nice touch. Oh, yes, Stirling Soap. They always include samples of something welcome, useful and fun to try.
I used to get some samples when requested from West Coast Shaving, and did purchase based on my likenesses of the samples received. They don't do this anymore, even if asked. I honestly don't know why. I just get a generic answer. Sucks because I've been wanting to try new stuff.