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What have you concluded from your shaving hobby?

It actually is a hobby! In general I classify myself as a DIY on anything...a real natural for the vocation of engineering and technical problem solving. However, in January I took possession of a straight razor blade to jump from crappy OTC cartridge razor with can of goo to a SR with brush, mug, and soap......it's been like the first time I decided to not pay some guy to do my car's brakes and I decided to do it.

1. Any new hobby requires acquisition of skill
2. Skills are muscle memory, sometimes good and sometimes bad!
3. After 3 months I am way better on the straight
4. Like fixing the brakes the first time, now with practice and skill I can fix brakes with my eyes closed....so I got into rebuilding suspension, partial engine tear-downs.....classic mission creep syndrome. So, I now ponder trying out classic Gillette DE shaving for next step of the new hobby.
5. As a previous poster mentioned in the thread, due to care and attention for pre-shave prep....any blade on my face gives a better shave....yes, even the crappy OTC cartridge which still gives the faster shave when I am in a hurry.
6. I actually look forward to my morning and shaving! So instead of "Carpe diem" -> I say Radere diem! (Shave the day!)
There are some mighty fine gentlemen here in B&B and wet shaving and pampering myself helps to focus me in positive things.

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I came here a while back when I was a neophyte with a kit from the Art of Shaving.

I now have a slowly growing collection of soaps, three DE razors, and I'm obsessed with SR shaving.

Oh yeah - I write with a fountain pen now, also thanks to this forum.

So what have I concluded? That this is the most expensive forum that I am a member of. :)
I've concluded that I now look forward to shaving. The scents have something to do with it as well as the fun of learning a new technique (DE and straights). TOBS Lemon Lime specifically has something to do with it for sure. :)
I actually enjoy shaving now.
Although I am curious about how all sorts of different products will work with me, I will probably never have more than 5 razors, 1 brush of each type, and a couple standby soaps with one that I treat myself with from time to time.
Still trying to figure out what AS I like though.
I agree with last poster. I actually enjoy shaving now whereas I recall a lack of enjoyment in the past. That said, I can't wuite recall much from my cartrige days which were only a mere ~3 years ago.

I recall trying to find cheaper ways to shave, which ultimately lead me here. The opposite happened though once I started traditional wet shaving though. That's ok though because hobbys cost money and it's for enjoyment.
I've come back full circle after three years of DE shaving - shaving is shaving. My seasonal allergies are slightly aggravated by certain scents, as as much as I like them I'm heading toward using very lightly scented soaps/creams and very mildly scented aftershaves or just using shea butter as a post shave.

I enjoy it, but don't put a whole lot of thought into it these days. I 3017 soaps, so those don't change until they're done unless they don't perform well. I grab one razor and use it for a month - being a member of the Excalibur club the blades last about that long too and give me great shaves. The brush, of which I have two boars, a silvertip, and two synthetics get traded out every so often. I have two on the shelf of my mirror and switch between those two.

It's pretty simple and I could go back to using one soap, one razor, a single type of blade, and a handful of aftershaves - once I use up what I already have. I'm very happy to not be thinking about this all the time now :)
We can only choose what works best for us, ourselves. The differences sometimes are slight but some products do stand out more than other products.
I've concluded that I enjoy reading about members trying new and various products, while I remain content with just a few select items that work for me.
I've concluded that I enjoy reading about members trying new and various products, while I remain content with just a few select items that work for me.
Once we find out what works best for us it's nice if we have the willpower to limit ourselves to just those few items. If that's what we want. Varity is nice also.
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