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What Have I Done

Definitely need to soak the natural hair brushes is water for 5-10 before actually using for lathering product for a shave. I like the boar brushes because the are inexpensive relative to badger and I love the backbone of the knots overall. That brush pictured is a Semogue Owners Club it’s my second favorite boar at this point. I picked up a Zenith Boar brush in the last couple weeks and it’s exactly what I wanted. Bristles are already soft but he knot is insanely dense so it will retain good backbone. If you are interested in soaps, and moving away from creams, you will likely find you have the edge using a boar with harder soaps. You will read a lot on here about a soap called Mitchell’s wool fat MWF, and it give some folks problems with lathering. I don’t experience problems with it, but I can say that it’s harder to get a good dailies in lather with this soap if I’m not using a boar brush. They just possess the characteristics required to adequately load the soap. The other thing you will find with a boar brush, is they can be known for eating lather during their first few months of use. It’s only a negative if you are coming from a synthetic brush, otherwise, since you’re new to it all, you will actually just notice that the brush produces more lather as time goes on. What cream are you you currently using?

If you are getting irritation on your face from the brush you may want to try lathering from a bowl. I started with a bowl then moved to face lathering. Be patient all the way around and give your skin time to adjust. While in the long run this will all be better for your skin, the initial weeks and even months of adjusting to shaving this way can result in irritation and discomfort if you try to push it too much too fast. There is such a thing as badger burn from using the brush on your face too long when lathering. Happens more with badger than boar, but in time with experience and technique that stops being a concern. But also keep in mind that as a newbie, your skin is also adjusting to the razor at the same time.

Welcome to the rabbit hole. You are seeing there are ways that work better for you and you will now look to try and experience more to see what else works that much better. It’s enjoyable. May cost you a good bit, may not, that’s all about your personality.

Decide if you are a soap or cream guy primarily. And then if you like commercial products or do you have an interest in artisan soaps. There are great commercial products and there are great artisan products. There are duds in both those areas as well. Artisan soaps will almost guarantee you won’t save money with shaving. I use one artisan I have found and like and have tried a couple others but really just prefer the one and they are rather affordable in comparison to others. I also really enjoy trying commercial soaps from around the world, they are less pricy and last a ton longer.
Yeah used it right after I got home, honestly might be the best $15 I ever spent seems like a perfect match for my face, I have one feather blade left so I will definitely give it a try I loved that blade in my feather razor. I love the weight it has compared to the plastic feather and it feels like it will last another 50 years no problem
In the interest of saving money, that tech will absolutely do. You can get a blade sampler and try them out just to see the difference in how mild to aggressive the one razor will be. If you like the more weighty feeling of the tech, you can always mod up to a solid brass or stainless steel handle. Check out Italian barber scratch and dent every week or so and you’ll get a nice handle for less than $10. I personally love a hefty razor.
Get (or make) a shave den. Then limit yourself to owning nothing more than what will fit in the den. If you want something new and the den is full, you have to get rid of something. That forces you to a sort of discipline.

Welcome aboard.
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Hey thanks for all the great info Mr Gribble!
Seriously trying to keep myself from going to deep into that rabbit hole but it seems like you guys like dragging people down with them. :a23:

Every time I've soaked the brush while I'm showering.
After my first failed brush shave I've either lathered in my hand or this huge mug and haven't gotten any irritation since. Can't see myself getting rid of my can of foam for those days you don't have time to mess about

Really love hearing you say that a new brush uses more cream because I was using more than I expected from watching a couple videos.

Nivea sensitive cream seems to be a great cream for a fair price available locally, but god knows I wanted a deal so I bought a 12 pack of arko sticks online and hopefully I like em' cause I'll be using them for a while...

I actually got a 7 pack Gillette sampler and some derby extras from a friend I've been using mainly the derbys as its the blade I have most of and I can have a solid comparison of how the different blades work for me.

At the end of the day I got into this too save money but it ended up turning a chore into something I actually enjoy because its no longer giving me irritation. Hopefully I can control myself and not splurge too much but if I find something gives me a better shave I'd be willing to spend more $$$ for it but don't think I'll ever end up buying the crazy expensive creams/soaps.
Somehow! 😀 .... that tends to happen to us alot.
I seriously don't know how it happened but I'm glad it did, feels like I stole the razor from the guy.

Get (or make) a shave den. Then limit yourself to owning nothing more that will fit in the den. If you want something new and the den is full, you have to get rid of something. That forces you to a sort of discipline.

Welcome aboard.
Good idea man. I'm a guy who doesn't like waste so I use what I have and buying a 12 pack of arko and this great Gillette tech razor the only thing I see myself losing more money on is testing new blades.
You’ll be well served by the Arko. It’s good stuff. Enjoy!
As long as you don't hate the smell.
I hope I like the smell because I will use it even if I don't.

And here is your best buddy no not the bloke but the ball of twine .
so you can leave a trail to find your way out of the rabbit hole .
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That doesn't look like nearly enough twine for the hole I'm diving into.


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Thanks for the welcome guys! Hopefully this is the end of my collection for a bit but I aint so sure. I just shaved with the Gillette and I feel it was a damn good deal for $15 Canadian and now I have a backup in case one of them breaks.

I got an omega boar brush and didn't seem to like the whole brush thing at first but I'm starting to get used too it.

And if anyone could tell me what razor I even bought that would be much appreciated because I have no idea how old or what model it is besides that it's made in England. I'll post a few pictures in a couple minutes.
The Omega will break in beautifully and you will love it. Great choice.