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What happened to my Badger brush?

I have been using a synthetic brush for a year now. I wanted to switch up and use my badger for awhile. Only now the badger is like a mop! no backbone. Sloshes lather around like an old rag mop. What happened and how do I remedy it?
No I didn't it is the brush. It was a good brush with as much stiffness as the synth but what changed it?
Was your badger brush new when you used it before? Some badger brushes take some time to break in and may feel softer.

As mentioned already, is it losing hairs.

Have you cleaned your brush lately? Brush may feel softer after cleaning.
I have several High Mountain brushes as well as several other Finest Two Bands and Silvertips. None of them have lost it when not in use. You might try shooting an email to Larry and asking him what might of happened.
residue from storage is the most probable cause imo. from whatever it came in contact with at storage. how often did you try to lather before posting? once? i'd lather it a few times with shaving soap, rinse thoroughly, let dry, repeat. but, to be honest, from nice brush with backbone to squirting floppyness sounds weird to begin with.

if nothing changes by whipping the dog a few times and if he really became wet dog infinitely - we need to consult the original alibabian knotproducer why his chemical treatment of the famous badger from mt. churian went off so silently..
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I experienced this very phenomena going back to my badger after using only my silvertip fibre synthetics for a few months straight.

All of the sudden, my Simpson best badger felt like a mop and very slow lather generation.

This was a month ago and I haven't used a natural hair brush since then!
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