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What general shaving items aren't you interested in?

Not interested in:
1.Animal hair brush (Only use artificial hair.)
2.Soap (I use any soap my wife gave.)
3.Aftershave (Just use water and alum block.)

Will buy:
1.The stainless steel razor that looks good (Currently about 10.)
2.Four brushes with good-looking handles (Used in turns to reduce wear.)
I have no interest in expensive brushes and haven’t paid over $20 for one and doubt I ever will.

I like my shave soaps, but can’t bring myself to spend more than $20US for a tub of any artesian soap. A can buy B&M, NO, Sterling, HetV and many others and not break the bank.
-Not interested in scuttles
-Not interested in pre-shave
-Not interested in hot towels or shower before shave
-Not interested in single edge razors
-Not interested in acquiring more straights (have 2) and I don’t use them confidently since my hand shakes a bit.
-Not interested in a big brush collection, I have 4, 1 badger, 1 boar, 1 horse hair and 1 synthetic.
-Not interested in adjustable or aggressive DE razors
-Not interested in BBS or ATG shaving
-Not interested in blades that don’t provide consistent comfort
-Not intersested in my recent spree of buying old school after shave and scents get totally out of control
Can't say I'm not interested, because I find myself interested in most things related to this hobby. However, I don't see myself ever buying or using a straight, or the necessary items to support it (strop, honing stone, etc.). Likewise expensive fragrances or aftershaves or pretty much anything else that is expensive. Did that with my ATT razor, which I really like and expect to last my whole life, and a couple of other items, but don't feel any need to add to the supply.
I can't really say there are any general shaving items that I'm not interested in because I've tried just about everything and have therefore satisfied my curiosity. I'm sure there are a few I've missed, but I think I've covered a lot of ground in a relatively short period of time. Some products and techniques worked for me, and some didn't. But I never would have known if I hadn't tried them at least once.

I'm sure if I had started shaving with DE or SE razors forty years ago, by now I may have settled on a razor/blade/soap/brush combination to last the rest of my life. But I started less than three years ago and the reality is I have more years behind me than ahead. So I guess I'm trying to make up for lost time. I know that's impossible, but I'm trying to squeeze in as many positive experiences as possible in the time I have left.

Three years ago I wasn't interested in anything shaving related. Today, my self-diagnosed acquisition disorders have been cured and I have enough quality products to enjoy for the rest of my natural life. Mission accomplished!
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Not interested in pre-shave, never done it, a crock imo.
Not interested in too much of anything I can't use before it perishes or degrades: Soaps, Cremes, Colognes.
Not interested in Straights in this lifetime, have gone down the Vintage DE rabbit hole instead.
Not interested in the self-flagellation of milking many shaves out of super cheap DE blades.
Shaving creams
Synthetic brushes
Plastic scales
Face lathering
DE blades (other than Feather)
Vintage DE razors
Pre shave products

Unfortunately for me and my wallet, I am interested in everything else...
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Not interested in aftershaves. I've hiked a few long trails for months at a time and since then can't stand the smell of any aftershave. I shouldn't be interested in any other razors since I get a great shave from my vintage SEs but I just ordered a Gamechanger to try yesterday.
So after writing that a while back, I'd have to modify the list of what I'm not interested in a bit:
  • Straight razors
  • Shavettes
  • Brushes (beyond the two synthetics I use regularly)
  • Soaps (beyond the ones I know and use regularly)
  • Creams (beyond the ones I know and use regularly)
  • Bowls
  • Scuttles
I recently returned to shaving with my AC Hawk, which is reminding me why I went for the whole traditional-style shaving thing in the first place and why I like SE razors so much. Based on that, I decided to spring for an injector razor as well (I've had one before, but didn't stick with it). I still have a few DEs and my cartridges (Trac II and Bic Flex 5 Hybrid). After I get a few shaves in with my injector, we'll see what I decide to keep around the house for regular shaving.
The list keeps growing. Also not interested in:
  • After shaves, colognes, eau de toilette, etc. as I can't wear them
  • Complicated prep routines
  • Pre-shave oil (although I have been known to shave with just oil from time to time).
This reduces the opportunities to spend frivolously, but, alas, doesn't eliminate them entirely as I'm still finding that gear is trickling into my house. At least it's not accumulating at the rate that it used to; I can still fit everything I own that's shaving-related into a single Dopp kit if I need to.
Expensive razors for me. Best razors I have were dirt dirt cheap, Parker semi slant DE, Parker SRX shavettes X2. Fantastic shaves and really inexpensive.

Artisan shaving soap. Tried a couple, for the price of one pick I can get 2 years supply of Arko 😁
Not interested in

Bowl lathering
Badger knots
Horse knots
Large knots >27mm
Expensive brush handles
Expensive Soaps
Bundubeard brushes, soaps, balms, AS or pre-shave, they all suck and perform sub-par.
Growing a beard, mustache, goatee or any facial hairs.
Electric or cartridge shaving systems
Gold Dollars
Plate system for adjustable DE
Razor stands
Lots of soaps
Lots of Brushes

Interested in
Many straight’s
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