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What GEM razor did I just buy?

Pardon my ignorance, but I know nothing about SE razors. I placed a bid on this one and no one else bid, so I guess it's mine now. What is this razor called, and how does it shave? Is it an ok one to start with for someone who has never used a SE before? Sorry for the basic question, but there was nothing in the Wiki about GEM razors. Thanks.
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It appears to be an early Damaskeene GEM. It is a 1912 model razor. The 1912 refers to the patent date. d.irving can rpobably narrow down the actual manufacturing date, but I am sure it was one of the early ones. Oh, and any 1912 model makes for a great shave!
Thanks! That's good enough for me. I see 1912 and GEM together a lot, but I wasn't sure if that was one specific razor or just a type.
You stole that! Outstanding! And that gives great shaves. Make sure you get Ted Pella coated Stainless blades.

Thanks, complete impulse bid, since I had read something or other today about SE razors, and thought maybe I should try one. I just hope it's mechanically sound. I just ordered some Pella's from Rick Sparks thread.
guido is right: its a 1912 damaskeene. the handle type suggests its the second version of the 1912. an excellent razor.
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