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What Fragrance or Cologne Smells Like Booster Mosswood?

When I first smelled Booster Mosswood it smelled almost exactly like something my Dad wore in the seventies from Avon (a sensitive skin balm from what I remember - long gone). I like it a lot as well as being nostalgic.

I'm looking a dead-ringer not something similar.

I have never heard of an exact copy of any scent, but some come very close (almost always a copy of something more expensive).

My research has unearthed Penhaligon's English Fern Edt - which will only be close, certainly not a dead ringer. Possibly a deodorant: Mennen Speedstick - wild moss (for whatever that's worth).

I don't know if we have any Avon experts here. We'll see.
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