What Frag were you wearing when you last got a compliment?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by babybottomsmooth, Jul 11, 2014.

    My office manager compliments me everytime I wear Chanel Pour Monsieur and the last time I went out to breakfast I was wearing Fougere Royale. My waitress walked walked up and mid order said "You smell SO good!"
  1. I've never received a compliment on the way I smell :D
  2. I was wearing Stirling's EMP cologne. I also have the Stirling Executive Man EDT, which I prefer over the EMP, but this one must smell pretty awesome as well. From Stirling's scent description, it appears that the EMP was just infused with a bit more of the pineapple, so it's basically their Executive Man offering with a bit more of a forward pineapple scent.

    I like both of them, but again, prefer the Executive Man, as it to me is a bit more laid back. I haven't tried the Creed Aventus, but imagine if I love these, that would be a great experience, just can't afford it at the moment, plus, I am a huge fan of Stirling Soaps and their products.
  3. Jimmy cho man.
  4. Dior Sauvage and Joop (believe it or not).
  5. Burberry Brit I love the stuff, I usually wore Love and Luck by Ed Hardy but thought to try something new lol
  6. Creed Green Irish Tweed. Walked into a liquor store last night to pick up some Guinness and this big guy walked in a few yards behind me. He kept going on about how good I smelled and wanted to know what I was wearing.
  7. Stirling Sharp Dressed Man (nurse at the doctors office).
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    Could be a commercial!
  9. I tried this fragrance, along with Aventus and Virgin Island Water, at the local mall and oh my, this is some great stuff. I caught a whiff of Green Irish Tweed from my jacket a few days later and thought damn....I need to buy this at some point! All the Creed frags I tried smelled like a million dollars and dried down like no other I've tried.
  10. Just curious where can you find that scent I’ve looked several places and no luck
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Chatillon Lux, La Foret de Liguest
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    Creed Green Irish Tweed

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