What Frag were you wearing when you last got a compliment?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by babybottomsmooth, Jul 11, 2014.

    Polo, because 60% of the time, it works every time! :D
  1. I also used Polo.
  2. My least expensive Axe Tobacco and Amber deo :D

    But I'm good with the Boss Bottled as well.

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  3. Fine L' Orange Noir Shaving Soap and Aftershave paired with Terre D'Hermes
  4. BY3a.gif
  5. Well, it worked again! :D
  6. Esprit Du Roi (Penhaligon's).

    A straight up 'you smell good' from a stranger lady. lol
  7. Yeah, but it's half mental.
  8. I complimented Mom recently on her fragrance.
    I have no idea what it was, nor do I care. Eau de Sauerkraut would be fine. She's my Mom, you know?

    I've been experimenting with essential and aroma oils in some home-brewed aftershave. My wife commented that I smell like Zen. Not sure if it was a compliment or... a subtle critique. Too much patchouli or frankincense or sandalwood? Or just enough? I guess I need to work on communicating.
  9. Got a compliment today with Paul Sebastian.

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  10. Got a compliment a while back when I was wearing THB Tell Tale Heart perfume a work... A 6' 6" 280 pound logger was dropping off some grapple skidder cylinders and looked at me and said you smell good! A wins a win right? :D And seriously, that happened...
  11. Beverly Hills Polo Club.
  12. LOL

    Could be a bro moment. Could be awkward.....
  13. Paco Rabanne 1 Million
  14. Carolina Herrera Mystery Tobacco - Was wearing this when we went out for dinner. After I was handed the check, the waitress started asking who smelled so good. As I stood up she asked if she could get a closer smell and leaned over to smell my neck. I felt kind of weird standing in the middle of the restaurant with my waitress getting extra close to one of her diners. But I enjoyed it anyway.
  15. Versace Eros
  16. Today I put on "Castile" from Penhaligon's and I still smell wonderful and I paid myself a compliment this afternoon when the scent wafted by my nose! "You smell wonderful!"
  17. Proraso Red
  18. LOL, if this was the standard with which this thread was created for, I'd be entering posts here everyday.
  19. 2 x Chanel
    - blue de chanel
    - Allure

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