What Frag were you wearing when you last got a compliment?

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    Also when was the last time you paid a compliment and what was the fragrance. The last compliment I received was so long ago I forgot what I was wearing. The last compliment I paid out was a mid 40's lady wearing Este Lauder-Este. Beautiful smell.
  1. I was with my GF and that day decided to splash on some P&G Old Spice AS followed by cologne and she complimented it. That surprised me a little because her all time favorite is Polo Black (not the double black) and she's bought that for me on more than one occasion. I finally ordered some of the "Made in India" OS AS and that should be here today. Unfortunately they don't appear to make any cologne over there.
  2. Almost forgot, and since you mentioned Estée Lauder, I used to have some of their "Lauder for Men". I distinctly remember a ticket taker woman who fell in love with that. That was so many years ago I doubt they still produce that particular fragrance.
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  3. I was giving blood several months back, the lady that was working with me asked what I was wearing. Every single time she would come over she would tell me how good it smelt, and before I left she inquired about where to purchase it. That cologne was Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood. It is a wonderful cologne, but where I live with the heat a humidity I must use sparingly so that it is not overpowering.
  4. I was at a restaurant with some buddies the other day and a waitress walked by me and stopped dead in her tracks.

    She said, "Oh my...what are you wearing?"

    "Old Spice," I replied.

    She looked a little surprised and said, "That's what my grandpa wore."

    The whole table busted out laughing. :)
  5. Grandpa or not, she thought it smelled good enough to ask. Old Spice smells awesome, especially the cologne.
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    Oddly enough, and I got two different compliments on it from two different women in the same day, AV Musk. Let's here it for classic drugstore brands? lol
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    Thats the one I wore from college until about 10 years ago.
    They still sell it at the local Dillard's. You must ask for it in the ladies Estée Lauder section and not with the men's colognes.
    Go figure?
  8. Neroli Portofino
  9. Can't remember specifically, but top compliment earners are Aventus, Bleu de Chanel, and Green Irish Tweed.
  10. D.R. Harris Windsor. I liked the aftershave, so I bought the cologne and several people have complimented on the scent. I just wish it had better longevity. I've seen that Windsor and Terre d'Hermes are very similar. I would like smell D'Hermes, so I can find out for myself though.
  11. Creed Millesime Imperial. It always garnishes compliments, but takes a particularly strong nose to pick it out in a crowd. Acqua di Gio was also the same day (I wore it at night for a date) and the girl loved it. People give it flak for being overused and mildly generic, but it smells good to the laymen.
  12. Just this afternoon a beautiful sexy lady mentioned that I smelled nice. Wait, correction: that was no lady, that was my wife.

    Knize 10
  13. Bvlgari Aqua
  14. Murdock's Black Tea.
  15. I frequently wear DR Harris Windsor. It gets compliments all the time. The longevity is fine, but it does stay close to the skin a short while after its initial application, which is good for me due to workplace rules regarding fragrances. My wife...she still absolutely loves Aqua Velva Ice Blue. Go figure...
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    It's been so long since I had a compliment of any kind, I'd have to guess eau DE diaper.

    Actually, it was a couple of years ago for GFT Spanish Leather
  17. Royall Muske, of course! :001_smile
  18. Nautica Voyage (Not my favorite cologne). A young female worker at a hardware store kept on looking at me until she finally asked what cologne I was wearing, she commented on how nice it smelled.
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  19. Tommy Bahama Compass

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