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What Flat Cap did you wear today?

With the popularity of flat caps, I want to create a thread for these fine caps that deal with what brand and style users are wearing on a daily basis. I frequently switch to different flat caps everyday to match the occasion and color of clothes I'm wearing.

Today I'm wearing my brown Irish tweed 'Quiet Man' cap. This is one of my favorites in my collection day. It's made in Ireland and I got it for $50 off of Amazon. It contains real Irish wool, and it comes from Killarney.
Today is a Silk Dobbs newsboy I found at a second hand store. I didn’t pay very much for it at all.

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Today was rather windy for wearing my usual Tilley Winter Hat (with it's fedora-like brim) so I wore a Göttmann cap.


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It was cool enough today that I wore my tweed Uncle Ruby's Newsy cap instead of my summer caps. It's the "house brand" from where I got it, but it has turned out to be my favorite.

Edit: I believe this is it.

Belfry Oscar - Herringbone Newsboy Cap


DSC_0001 (2).JPG
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Mastron Plaid Ivy cap

I'm wearing this fine flat cap today. I'm getting back into flat caps after almost a year of not wearing them. I want to continue with my obsession and perhaps continue to add more. I look great when I'm wearing these. The above one goes great with my blond hair.


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I bought my first a year ago. Works well . . . not exactly the the look I was chasing. Time to try some others I guess.
I'm wearing a striped cotton and linen ivy cap today. It's kind of warm today, so decided go light with this type of light flat cap. I must say this looks rather nice on me.

I'm wearing my Trinity Tweed Flat cap tonight. This baby cost me $50 smackers, but it's worth it. High quality cap.
Thanks, Shave! It's a nice casual flat cap.

Today I'm going with my new Teleford flat cap. I like the color. Been wearing a lot of darker flat caps. The lighter ones are nice. I' m wearing this baby in the house. Don't want to take it off. It's like having pomade in my hair. It's a great look.

I'm wearing one of my summer flat caps today indoors today. It's cool, and it's something that I can wear indoors 365 days a year. Now that I'm no longer using pomade, I want to wear flat caps. I can't wear normal winter flat caps inside the house for any length of time, since they're too thick for indoor use. My summer flat caps are perfect for indoors. This color works well with my blond surfer hair.