What facial hair style do you sport?

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What facial hair style do you sport

  1. mustache

  2. goatee, with or without stache

  3. sideburns or chops

  4. full beard

  5. clean shaven all the way

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    Clean shaves in the spring/summer months. Beard in the fall/winter months.
  1. Clean shaven with the occasional goatee when my wife requests it.
  2. I am a clean shaver. At various points in my life, I have wanted to wear a moustache and/or a beard, but it is just not possible for me. I have moderately dark hair, but my moustache whiskers have always been a very pale blonde. I have grown a moustache for weeks at a stretch and barely been able to tell I had one when looking in a mirror. :frown:

    My beard is even worse. Next to me, Yassar Arafat's beard would look good. Mine is both patchy and salt and pepper colored. It is simply awful. :w00t:

    I did have some fairly presentable sideburns when I was in college (early 70's).

  3. Clean shaven.

    I have several episodes with a beard over that past few decades, but eventually I get tired of it and shave it off. Last time was about 15 years ago.
    My wife asks if I will ever grow one back, but I doubt it. Right now, my beard is heavily gray and my hair is still mostly brown. I hate the two tone look.
  4. stache...............a blade has not touched my upper lip for over 30 years.
  5. Clean shaven. I messed around with side burns as a kid, but my days of that kind of stuff are long over.
  6. I fluctuate from moustache and goatee to clean-shaven. I change my look so often that people are generally used to all my faces.

    I know a guy like you. He's 24-25 years old and I don't think he needs to shave more than four times a year. I asked him about what he did to deal with razor bumps because his skin was always so smooth. He asked me what razor bumps were. :redface:

    I can't get my goatee to connect to my moustache to save my life but I will have a full head of hair till the very day I die. A college roommate of mine started losing his hair at twenty. I told him to do something about it and he pulled out family photos. All the males were bald. I told him I was sorry. I didn't know what else to say.

    The different color hair always looked weird to me. I've always wondered why that happens.
  7. goat w/ stache
  8. I sport big, thick, mutton chops. I shave one razor-width on either side of my mouth, my upper lip, my chin, and everything below my jaw line, and that's all.
  9. Me too. The way we gray, certainly me, doesn't seem very logical.

    A VP I worked for at a bank who had a very gray mustache and mostly gray sideburns and very brown hair. All nicely coiffed, but nothing on him seemed to match up. By looking at him it was hard to tell if he was a young guy looking prematurely old or an old guy hanging on to youth.
  10. Clean Shave.... and it BETTER be.

  11. Right now I sport just a soul patch.. it works well for me, occasionally I grow the full goatee, but it adds about 5 years to my age so i never keep it. A few months ago I tried the skinny mustache... it looked great when I wore my straw Fedora... but i just couldn't warm up to it.
  12. i cant even get near my woman if i have more than a day's growth. plus she says i look like joe dirt when i start growing in because its all patchy and white trash looking

    bbs all the way
  13. Very nice. I used to have those.
  14. I've sported all of the styles within the past year alone (I like to mix things up). Within the past month I had everything going crazy, then I shaved everything except the soul patch then I got rid of that and SWMBO is pleased. :w00t:
  15. Add me to the ranks of the clean shaven. I tried a moustache, but it didn't go over too well. I'm not going to try sporting a beard or goatee for any length of time.
  16. Full beard? on a shaving forum? interesting:) Clean shaven all the way!
  17. I am growing a goatee, which is getting noticeable the last couple of days

    i think it looks good :)
  18. I can't resist:


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