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What facial hair style do you sport?

What facial hair style do you sport

  • mustache

  • goatee, with or without stache

  • sideburns or chops

  • full beard

  • clean shaven all the way

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I have a full beard. I keep it neat, around an in inch of growth depending on the season. Just a neck shave. Helps hide my nerdy face. I work in health care and a big beard would get in the way.
Right now, I'm scruffy. But I'm on my way to a mighty beard. Thick and full like the Appalachian forest, full of wisdom and character. Much like the Appalachian mountains.
1984: grew full beard in HS and never shaved it off
~2000's: cycled between full beard and circle beard
Nov 2020: entered DE traditional shaving universe and discovered B&B forum; Thanksgiving 2020 fully shaved out of curiosity. Wife and kids had never seen me without facial hair. Traumatic for everyone.
Dec 1 2020: Last full shave. Wearing mask at work and in public, I am working on a a Van Dyke with emphasis on an epic moustache. I doubt it will ever be epic, but right now it looks a bit like the Mr. Pringles logo.


Even more clueless than you
It would be good to see more photos in this thread. There are some epic styles out there in B&B land.
Wairing a moustache. I like it, my girlfriend a little less, my son (2years) likes it. Drinking soup and getting a soupstache he always laughing and saying "papa snor" (daddy moustache).
with a moustache thought that was called a vandyke ?
taught scuba for 15 years so no mustache :)
started my goatee as I had a portugese man of war wrap around my regulator and do a number on my chin so used it to cover up and protect it while it healed as I could not shave that area also took a few months to heal and so got used to that was in my late 20s anyway liked it and here I am 58 still have it :)
Had long surfer hair ya could say and got burnt out maintaining it shaved it to the shortest attachment clippers had and kept it that way even now for super low maintenance
I'm back to growing out the goatee. Freshly shaved chin + masks at work again don't mix well for me. My chin irritation was why I wore a beard for the last 7 years in the first place.
Up till just a bit ago, full beard and no shaving. Shaved but the grandson asked me to grow it back. I did but trimmed it to a goatee so I can enjoy wet shaving. 3D717A79-2BD5-40B9-89C9-F95562A784C4.jpeg
Mustache/beard/sideburns all connected since my 20s. Cut the beard down to mustache connected to goatee. Sideburns rose to ear level. I was searching for more shaving territory. Bonus is that the length of my face is now visible. Other bonus: thumbs up from the LOTH.
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