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What facial hair style do you sport?

What facial hair style do you sport

  • mustache

  • goatee, with or without stache

  • sideburns or chops

  • full beard

  • clean shaven all the way

Results are only viewable after voting.
I have a full beard. I keep it neat, around an in inch of growth depending on the season. Just a neck shave. Helps hide my nerdy face. I work in health care and a big beard would get in the way.
Right now, I'm scruffy. But I'm on my way to a mighty beard. Thick and full like the Appalachian forest, full of wisdom and character. Much like the Appalachian mountains.
1984: grew full beard in HS and never shaved it off
~2000's: cycled between full beard and circle beard
Nov 2020: entered DE traditional shaving universe and discovered B&B forum; Thanksgiving 2020 fully shaved out of curiosity. Wife and kids had never seen me without facial hair. Traumatic for everyone.
Dec 1 2020: Last full shave. Wearing mask at work and in public, I am working on a a Van Dyke with emphasis on an epic moustache. I doubt it will ever be epic, but right now it looks a bit like the Mr. Pringles logo.


Even more clueless than you
It would be good to see more photos in this thread. There are some epic styles out there in B&B land.
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