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What facial hair style do you sport?

What facial hair style do you sport

  • mustache

  • goatee, with or without stache

  • sideburns or chops

  • full beard

  • clean shaven all the way

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Changed mine from a circle beard with handlebar 'stache to:

I did NOT intend to reduce my 'stache. grrrrr. Oh well, it does grow.
98% of the time I am clean shaven, but then there are maybe a couple times throughout the year where I go 3 or 4 days without shaving, sometimes even 5 days. Its fun to do.
I think I possess the follicles to grow a decent beard, but I have never had the courage to do it. Perhaps, more honestly, I do not have the will to do it. But I do see myself doing it one day. I would not want to be one of those guys you see with a beard who you think should not have a beard. But I would know pretty quickly if that were the case.
I am not a fan of gimmicky facial hair or facial hair “styles”. For me, it’s either clean shaven or a full, closely trimmed beard. Nothing that could be referred to as a name, other than “beard”.
I have a full beard, and shave my head. One of the joys of learning to use an SR / straight has been to maintain the edges of the beard with laser precision - in fact a few conversations about shaving have sprung up from other men asking how it's done. It's that barber-fresh look!

I've worn one almost constantly since leaving the military in 2011; before joining I'd variously worn goatees and for a while a very inadvisable moustache.

I love my beard. No idea why. The one time I had to shave it for work, I missed it far more than my head hair.

@Clay S: that looks good on you! Needs a flat cap to complete the look though ;)

Full beard. The length varies depending on how I feel, but I've had a beard consistently since 2016. My massive shave den is becoming more and more of a burden everyday.


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Full beard. The length varies depending on how I feel, but I've had a beard consistently since 2016. My massive shave den is becoming more and more of a burden everyday.
Well, if I could grow a beard that nice, I would.

But, if I was that good looking I wouldn't want to cover my face.
Too bad for me I was born smart (alec) and not rich enough for plastic surgery!
I rock a full beard. Every whenever I feel it's time (every year or two), I'll knock it back to the longest guard on a trimmer. I had a Van Dyke with stache in high school, back in the 90s, and again for several years working in a restaurant that didn't allow cooks with beards. Enlisted and had to trim to a mustache. I don't look good in just a mustache. But full and shaggy beard. I lucked out and Mrs. Rookie loves that with the facial fur, she looks younger than me.
Full beard here!!! In the summer, I often go VanDyke, but you don't want to see my ugly mug without some form of facial hair!! I had let mine grow out until Christmas, but cut it back to a little over an inch long then (mainly to get rid of some majorly pesky curls). My wife LOVES beards, so I'm super lucky!
Absolutely NONE! Clean shaven all the way for me! But as a "hair guy" and barbering enthusiast, I can (and do) certainly appreciate some well-groomed beards, mustaches, and/or sideburns!
Van Dyke and mustache (connected) for me. I don't have a full enough beard anywhere else to grow it out without looking pretty raggedy, but what I have grown out looks reasonably good.
Goatee w/o the stache here. Sported a full beard for several years but had to shave it for a job. Plus a full beard can be pretty high maintenance.