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What facial hair style do you sport?

What facial hair style do you sport

  • mustache

  • goatee, with or without stache

  • sideburns or chops

  • full beard

  • clean shaven all the way

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Changed mine from a circle beard with handlebar 'stache to:

I did NOT intend to reduce my 'stache. grrrrr. Oh well, it does grow.
98% of the time I am clean shaven, but then there are maybe a couple times throughout the year where I go 3 or 4 days without shaving, sometimes even 5 days. Its fun to do.
I think I possess the follicles to grow a decent beard, but I have never had the courage to do it. Perhaps, more honestly, I do not have the will to do it. But I do see myself doing it one day. I would not want to be one of those guys you see with a beard who you think should not have a beard. But I would know pretty quickly if that were the case.
I am not a fan of gimmicky facial hair or facial hair “styles”. For me, it’s either clean shaven or a full, closely trimmed beard. Nothing that could be referred to as a name, other than “beard”.


I have a full beard, and shave my head. One of the joys of learning to use an SR / straight has been to maintain the edges of the beard with laser precision - in fact a few conversations about shaving have sprung up from other men asking how it's done. It's that barber-fresh look!

I've worn one almost constantly since leaving the military in 2011; before joining I'd variously worn goatees and for a while a very inadvisable moustache.

I love my beard. No idea why. The one time I had to shave it for work, I missed it far more than my head hair.

@Clay S: that looks good on you! Needs a flat cap to complete the look though ;)

Full beard. The length varies depending on how I feel, but I've had a beard consistently since 2016. My massive shave den is becoming more and more of a burden everyday.