What facial hair style do you sport?

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What facial hair style do you sport

  1. mustache

  2. goatee, with or without stache

  3. sideburns or chops

  4. full beard

  5. clean shaven all the way

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    That's funny, often I imagine my self looking like Doc Holiday from Tombstone, but I really look like a cross between Mr. Potato Head and Christopher Walken..... lol
  1. Circle beard under construction for 4 months.
  2. Just a simple 'stache and a soul patch.
  3. I've had a Van Dyke for as long as I can remember. Had to start shaving a bit higher on the chin and jaw line recently as I discovered that it was interfering with my respirator fit.
  4. Currently have a mustache and goatee. I used to keep it closely trimmed, but have been letting it fill in for the list couple months. I find regular barber that does SR/ hot towel shaves and that had kinda resparked my interest in shaving. I have a Hart Steel 5/8 Dr, but baby had the courage to try it yet.

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  5. Full beard, although mine is more of a long stubble than an actual beard.
  6. full beard , trimmed tight
  7. Goatee (in my world, that's chin and mustache) for the last 27 years. I used to wear it fairly long, but settled on trimming it with a #3 guard after my daughter was born and just kept it trimmed. After this long, I'm not sure if my top lip and chin could handle being shaved.
  8. Half goatee, Scott Ian style.
  9. [​IMG]

    I know...the avatar and photo don't really go together...but a straight is a wonderful way to deal with that pesky "Neard!"
  10. 7 days into a new beard
  11. Full beard, neatly trimmed. [​IMG]

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  12. You look amazing . . . like some Germanic king.
  13. I sport a nice Nenry Cavill mustache without the surrounding stubble and darker hair, for some nice contrast
    -Cheers :euro:
  14. full beard, 1/8-1/4" bulk.
  15. Goatee and moustache, cropped short.

    I'm on a knife-edge here. Let my goatee (or beard) grow out and, at 72, I look unnecessarily older; trim it too short and I look like a bum or hipster wannabe. So I absolutely have to keep it well groomed.

    FWIW, I've gone most of my life clean shaven, but I've come to regard a beard as adding a bit of character and mystery to an otherwise bland (IMO) face.
  16. Short, trimmed beard
  17. Ditto!

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