What facial hair style do you sport?

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What facial hair style do you sport

  1. mustache

  2. goatee, with or without stache

  3. sideburns or chops

  4. full beard

  5. clean shaven all the way

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    Gotee, due to beards being too scratchy, not to mention the fact that I have a loonie+quarter sized bald spot under the right side of my chin.
  1. Soul patch got chopped off. Repeated attempts to stop it from curving out towards the right at the end & making me look like I'm in a perpetual strong wind were no good. Finally decided to just lop it off & see if the cheese...er, mustache stands alone.
  2. Handlebar stasche. Usually clean shaven otherwise.

    My girlfriend wants me to grow my beard out again however. I've got about 10 days growth at present, and it's making me furious.
  3. Stash only, but been thinking of a small soul patch with stash
  4. Goatee since I was 19 (25 now). Shaved it off once within the last year and looked like a bafoon
  5. I wear a natural, full beard and mustache. I haven't trimmed the length or cut in cheek lines in about 5 months at this point. I even abandoned carving a neck line a month or more ago...nobody can see it anymore, anyhow...

    My avatar picture was taken about a month ago...
  6. I've had the 'stache and goat (Van Dyke) since I got out of the military back in '05. Sadly, work has decided that we are going to a stricter uniform policy, so I'll be back to just the 'stache.
  7. Had a Mustache since 18 , I think or sooner ; full beard for a while ; Mustache , again ; followed by Mustache and Goatee ; then Mustache and Soul Patch for years ; now Mustache only , again . Semi Ex misses the Soul (Cool) Patch . ... I thought Mustache was spelled Moustache ? Let me check the DOVO scissors ... , they say Moustache ! I thought so ... . Great Whisker Scissors , by the way ... , Stainless Professionals ... , got some for my Son-N-Law for Christmas , Beardman Full and Bushy , just incase , Beard Comb ; and Beard and Stache Comb , too .

    By the way , have you heard the Military is allowing beards , now ? USAF step-son says ... . Navy did in the late 70s for a while , again , but canned it ; my Brother had a Full Bushy version for that period .
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  8. Goatee for me, otherwise I'd have a head like a billiard ball with this "haircut" :(
  9. Goatee without moustache. About the only beard option for me because wife doesn't like moustache and few patchy areas make full beard look bad.
  10. In the process of growing a moustache right now... One week in. I WILL donit this time! Going for a reasonable handlebar. Not a crazy curlicue.
  11. So more [​IMG] than [​IMG] ? :lol:
  12. Lol exactly.
  13. actually the Navy did it in the early 70s Admiral Zumwalt let us have them. only time I ever had a beard. in Vietnam with horrendous heat and million degree humidity. shaved mine right when war ended. it was patchy at best and the ones here are so nice I just see what could have been.
  14. Trying the circle beard look. I'll let this grow for awhile..then maybe trim, then shave the chin part off leaving behind just the stache + soul patch.
  15. Small goatee on the middle of my chin only. Sometimes I let it grow longer. I used to do a Van Dyke, but I don't like hair poking my lips.
  16. I have a question , does a Soul (or Cool) Patch constitute a Goatee ? I don't have one now , just a Stache , but wondering .
  17. Shave_Rat

    Shave_Rat Moderator

    I would say no. It has it's own name, and definition, and I've not really seen anywhere that it's mix or matched with goatee (unlike the Van Dyke/goatee thing).
  18. Thanks Rat ! I thought that , too . I have had a Goatee , but I didn't consider the whiskers just under my bottom lip a Goatee , that came when it was on my Chiny Chin Chin . Your's is COOL , by the way ! Thanks Dude :thumbup1:
  19. Shave_Rat

    Shave_Rat Moderator

    I forgot I posted a pic or two recently in a few places on B&B... lol Thanks!

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