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What facial hair style do you sport?

What facial hair style do you sport

  • mustache

  • goatee, with or without stache

  • sideburns or chops

  • full beard

  • clean shaven all the way

Results are only viewable after voting.
I coudnt pick more than one but I have the full Goatee and side burns that vary in length (usually just below the ear) between shavings.
at the moment, full goatee & mustache....I checked full beard because I typically only do goatee during summer, and even then in years past I'd only trim real short with my trimmer, but now that I enjoy shaving :001_smile, this summer is the first one in about 6 years that I've actually shaved my face, so who knows, I might keep it up longer before I grow my beard back
Surprised to see such a high proportion of goatees. Either they are more popular in America than I thought, or you goatee types are drawn towards wet shaving. I suppose it may be difficult to keep a goatee trim with an electric...
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