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What does your blotter look like?

I could swear I remember another thread like this, but can't find it here. Maybe another FP forum.

Anyway, this is the sheet of blotter paper that has been put on top of the last written page in my last 3 journals now. It originally came with one of Nanami Seven Seas' Tomoe River journals, and since it still has some blotting left in it, there's no reason to go to a new sheet yet. Despite that one big blue blot and a couple of smaller ones, you can tell that my wettest ink is brown. Some inks that I use more often leave almost no trace.

What does your used blotter look like? Rocker blotter, loose sheet, desk blotter, whatever you use. blotted.jpg
That's how my blotter looks. :cool:

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That's a very nice vintage blotter and pen holder. Thanks for the picture.

What I was actually interested in, though, for this thread, was the business end of the blotter, how it looks after being used for a while. Here are the three rocker blotters I have in my writing area. The one on the front right clearly hasn't been used much since I last changed the paper. The one on the left shows that you can used the printed side of a J. Herbin blotter sheet.

Here's mine old reproduction blotter w/ J. Herbin Blotter Paper Refills. :thumbsup:

1572934540043.png 1572934562019.png

Measures 4½in long, 2½in wide, 2½in tall and weighs less than 1lb.

"[Ink blotting] is like driving at night in the fog. You can only [write] as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way". E.L. Doctorow


A little poofier than I prefer
My blotter is pretty much the back of the previous page in my notebook. :cornut:

BTW, love those rocking blotters fellas. Must look pretty rad on your desks.
I don't have a blotter.

Should I have one? I don't even know how to use one. Anybody got a link to an article on the basics?
I don't have a blotter.

Should I have one? I don't even know how to use one. Anybody got a link to an article on the basics?

There's nothing complicated to it. You certainly don't need one, but after having one for a few weeks now I've found it certainly can be useful.