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What does Chicory taste like??

Im looking for a coffee alternative and have read that chicory has been used throughout history as a coffee alternative. Before I get it, does anyone know what is tastes like?


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It's similar to coffee but not quite the same (it's not coffee after all).
It is tough to describe. I want to say it is more bitter than coffee, but that doesn't quite nail it. maybe more woody or nutty, with less depth? The only times I've had it, it was mixed in with coffee and it definitely is a distinctly different taste than coffee, but compliments it well. If you're familiar, the "Cafe du Monde" cafes in New Orleans serve chicory/coffee blends.


"To Wiki or Not To Wiki, That's The Question".
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I have some chicory mixed with roasted barley here... It taste nothing like licorice...
It does taste woody to me...

I love it though. I grew up on chicory coffee being from Louisiana originally.
Ever have a Viet Namese coffee? They are typically made with coffee with chicory. I like chicory well enough. Not sure pure chicory appeals to me though. I do not know of anyt cultures, for instance, that willingly drink pure chicory, so I do not imagine it is a taste treat that has escaped all notice.
I've had chicory with coffee and liked it. The chicory complimented the coffee taste and somehow made it a bit a different.
Since moving here (New Orleans) I've come to really enjoy coffee with chicory. It adds a slight woody peppery note to the coffee. CDM is good, my favorite is Union brand - has a nice chicory flavor.
other than Chicory.

Dandelion root is very common in NZ (made by a French chap) who also makes Dandelion and Burdock root coffee.

He tells me the French used Parsnip during the last war. Apparently the Hungarians and Germans used acorns as a coffee substitute.
One of the most famous Indian Coffee is called Bru. Check yer local Indian shops for it. Contains Chicory and is delish!
Im looking for a coffee alternative

I wouldn't drink pure chicory, but it does blend in well with roasted barley and other ingredients in a great many products. I often drink Nestle Pensal (imported from Portugal) which is nothing more than barley. While not coffee, it is quite tasty.

From my youth, I recall drinking Caf-Lib, and thinking it actually DID taste quite similar to coffee. It is a "delicious blend of roasted Barley, Rye, Chicory and Beet".
WOW thanks for all the responses!!

So, I shouldn't use it on its own as it may be too bitter. I have tried dandelion but it tastes like nothing LOL. It just seems to sweeten up my milk and thats about it.

Ill look into getting the chicory/barley blend, no idea where to start looking though.
I've never heard of drinking it alone. I believe its use started as something to stretch expensive coffee, folks acquired a taste for it, and voila! Its difficult to describe, you simply have to try it. Even here in the Midwest, there are several brands available in the coffee aisle.
I used to drink the blend from Community Coffee in New Orleans. Like darkly-roasted coffee, drinking it went by the wayside as I became more experienced and started craving varietals.
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