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What do you watch on YouTube?


This morning I watched a short-lived sitcom called "Struck By Lightning" featuring Jack Elam as Frankenstein's monster. The real bonus was the commercial breaks. It was nice seeing Mrs. Olsen again telling me to by only mountain grown coffee. I also watched the first 5 minutes of a very short lived sit-com called "Heil Honey, I'm Home," the carefree days of Adolf and Eva before the blitzkrieg with not a single joke that landed. It desperately needed Mel Brooks.
A number of the old B & W Hollywood studio-era classics are what I've been watching during the recent hysteria.

Also I had occasion to look something up there. The Decades Channel is starting the Laugh-In run over with Episode One from January 1968. For years we Man From U.N.C.L.E. fans have read, and many of us remember, that the very first episode contained a moment where Leo G. Carroll, at the crazy party scene, pulls out a communicator and says, "Mr. Kuryakin, get over here fast. I think I've found Thrush Headquarters at last!" (It follows a joke by Dick Martin referring to the show.)

Well, the Decades broadcast did not have this moment in there! So I went to YouTube and found the scene. It does exist, and is labeled Season One, Episode One. But . . . Decades just ran Episode Two, and the moment is in there. The YouTube poster had the label wrong. And we fans of many decades have been wrong as well.
"Dragnet"; original and 1967 series. Music videos and songs. Final scene of "High Noon". Love the way pacifist Grace Kelly shoots an outlaw in the back as he reloads. Film noir trailers from the 1940s and 1950s.
Mostly I use it for music. Watching older concerts and music videos is always fun. I also watch how to videos and motorcycle rides on my list of rides to take.
Gal singers from the 40s thru the 60s. Maxine Sullivan, Jo Stafford, etc. The greatest of them all: Lee Wiley:

I also listen/watch lots of really difficult piano solos. Liszt, Chopin, esp. Scriabin. Daniil Trifonov is fabulous:


Here I am, 1st again.
I have watched some episodes of Sherlock Holmes. They are less that 30 minutes long, which is what I like. They are a bit dark. ‘The Red Headed League ‘ was easy to figure out.
Been getting Linda to watch the A & E 2001 A Nero Wolfe Mystery episodes with me. This is the series with Timothy Hutton, Jim's son, as Wolfe's legman Archie Goodwin, and Maury Chaykin as Wolfe himself. The series was beautifully mounted, set in a sort of frozen 1945-1955 era, with incredible attention to detail to the period, the sets, and Stout's stories, which form the basis of the episodes.

My only quibbles are that Hutton's Archie sounds a little too "Noo Yawk" for a character who was supposed to have grown up in Ohio; and Chaykin's Wolfe raises his voice a little too often. Stout's Wolfe roared, yes, but he used his voice as a superb instrument, and roared only when necessary. Aside from that, their casting is incredible, and so are the supporting people, including Saul Rubinek as newspaperman Lon Cohen. It's the best adaptation ever. (I'd like to know how Timothy Hutton came across these stories. He was 15 when his dad played Ellery Queen in 1975-76. Maybe then . . .?)

That said: the unsold 1959 pilot for a Nero Wolfe series that you can now find on YouToob features Kurt Kasznar (Land of the Giants) as Wolfe, and . . . William Shatner (age 29) as Archie! When I first heard of the pilot, I thought, no; as good as Shatner is, he couldn't do Archie right. But it turns out that he could. Cocky and professional by turns, acting as gadfly and bodyguard to Wolfe, drinking milk in at least one scene (a detail from the Stout books), he delivers a classic performance. Kasznar I'm not sure about, and the show would not have been much at only 30 minutes. But Bill was dynamite.
Besides watching other guys shave...

German girl in America

Music reactions:
The Charismatic Voice

Damien Salazar

Mary Spender

The Knize

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German girl in America
Me, too, although I feel a little lechy admitting that. I think she does a good job comparing German and USA culture. Her observations on American college life seem apt.

I also seem to watch a lot of listography music reviews/top lists. Those guys seem awfully young to be knowing the music of my youth through middle age as well as they do, and they show a lot of insight.


Needs milk and a bidet!
I spend a lot of time watching YouTube at work so I subscribed to the premium no ad version of it. Worth it if you spend as much time as I do on there. JomBoy Media breakdowns of MLB is great - short & funny breakdowns.

I watch a lot of random clips from movies I enjoy. Sometimes I get on a “motorcycles vs cops” kick and will watch those vids. Then sometimes I stumble upon funny animal videos, like animals getting shocked by electric fences.

Other times I’ll get on a “Instant karma” kick and watch those. Or the “FAILS” videos that show people just failing at life.

Recently I watched Lonesome Dove on YouTube. The whole dang mini series. Imagine that! I think I’m gonna have to dive in to the free movies that might be on there.

I like the cigar reviews and talk from Cigar Obsession and Cigars Daily. Although within the past month or so I’ve gotten away from Cigars Daily, dude is way to hyper and his videos seem irrelevant and forced now. Like he’s grasping for content.

Some beer review channels are OK, like Louisiana Beer Reviews. That guy must do a review every single day. I can’t keep up with them.

Then when I’m playing my game and need to know something I look it up on YouTube. I use it a lot.
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