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What do you use to inspect your edge? Loupe? Digital handheld "microscope?

What do you use to inspect your edge? Loupe? Digital handheld "microscope?" I have watched a bunch of DrMatt's videos on youtube and really like the idea of being able to actually see the progress of scratch removal. In his videos, he uses a Veho digital "microscope." I am eyeballing a Celestron 5 MP Handheld Digital Microscope Pro on Amazon, but don't know if it would be worth spending extra for it. I am partial to the Celestron brand because I have one of their fine telescopes. Any input is appreciated.
Cheap 30x loupe. I bought a Chinese USB microscope but can't get the programs or anything to work for it.

The 30x loupe does the job. I also have a couple 80+ yr old magnifying glasses that are 10x and the other is around 20-30x(like the same as the loupe)
These are not the right answers. You guys are supposed to say that you really need it, so go ahead and buy one. :laugh:
30X60 lighted loupe from China. Just enough magnification for me to maintain my sanity and not go off the deep end. :001_smile
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60x-100x cheesy Radio Shack hand held microscope. Works OK, but eats AAA batteries like they are going out of style.

I've been thinking about the VEHO scope after watching some of Dr. Matt's videos
Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplet magnifier 10x, although in retrospect a cheap Chinese-made loupe is probably just as good. Works for me.
Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplet magnifier 10x . . . .

That's what I use. Might be worthwhile to compare the cheap 10x to the pricey 10x to observe the difference. My guess is that the pricey 10x is worth it, if only because there's no spectral separation there.
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I never hear anyone talk about the Peak pocket erecting microscopes. They are a little pricey at 75 bucks but are real scopes in single magnifications--25X, 50X and 75X. They all are great for honing but the 25X makes the most sense.

If not the Peak, I would go with a good loupe since it does not invert the image.

As a gunsmith, I also have a 40 power binocular erecting microscope but it is way too much effort to bring it out when the cigar sized Peak will do the same job. Denny
Okay, I went ahead and ordered the Celestron 5 MP Digital Microscope. I already have two very nice loupes that I use for inspecting my woodworking sharpening. Now I will have capability to take a photo, which will be cool. :001_smile


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I have 15 x loupe , 30 x chinese loupe , combination rusian 10 x and 30 x loupe and the latest rusian kids microscope 60 x magnification - it is amazing , give distingtive view to 3 K , 8 K and 10 K scratch patern , also you can see the cristals on dmt 600 clear .
Celestron and Veho USB scopes are very popular in that class. I have a little USB scope too - Proscope. Works well but I have no need for it now so I'll probably move it along.

I just broke my 4x loupe, dropped it. Fuji sent me a replacement, I should have it tomorrow.
My replacement loupe has arrived.
The original, which I've had for a long time, broke when I dropped it a few weeks ago.
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