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What do you smoke/chew today ?

... so, what is your leaf choice today ?
Here it is Stanwell CLASSIC in a Missouri Meerschaum

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Finishing up a pouch of Middleton Cherry Blend now. When not puffing I have Copenhagen in my lip most of the time.
Yup long cut Cope is what I use since Key is no longer offered. Your tin is a bit different but that's the stuff.
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Just finishing up a bowl of VaPer, C&D Bayou Morning, in a Charatan Diplomat. I think I like the little bit lighter touch of perique in the G.L. Pease Telegraph Hill but this is good...very good.

Currently sporting a nice pinch of Kodiac long cut straight . On deck I have an outstanding 3X Ashton pebble grain bent billiard with Dunhill 965 . Industrial-strength java on the side, of course. The birds happily tweet as the soft sultry sounds of miles Davis float on the morning breeze...
Skoal XTRA pouches. I can never keep long cut together and it's a mess. Also pouches seem more mellow somehow. They don't have the "sharpness?" of long cut.
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