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what do you listen to when youre shaving? if anything?

I honestly listen to nothing. I don’t even let the water run unless I am cleaning soap off my razor. I can judge how close my shave is by the sound of razor on skin. Maybe I’m a shaving whisperer.

I also listen to the audio feedback of the blade cutting, because it helps. Sometimes you think a bit is perfectly clean, but "scruunch..."

As for razor rinsing, I use a 1L polythene container of hot water, so that after the shave I can empty most of the tiny but unpleasant shards of keratin into the WC, and reserve my clean sink of hot water for face rinsing,

I love my audio collection outside the bathroom.
Usually just my own thoughts, how odd but yet nice the quiet without the kids in the house, plans for the day, thoughts of terror if my wife wants to get something under my sink while I'm shaving and in "my minds eye" sometimes remembering my dads smile in the mirror as I shaved as a teen.
I remember the days when my Mom would stroke Dads face and give him a tender look and then stroke my face and smile, that tender smile of approval of a shave well done.
After my shave, my wife likes to kiss my face, she says it's like kissing a baby's butt , but I look forward to the glow in her eyes over our morning coffee
During the week, news. (If you'd told me when I was, say, 20, that I'd willingly be listening to news at any time, I'd have thought you were nuts. Yet here I am.) On Saturday morning, I call up YooToob on my laptop and find some classical music. Sunday's shave is usually a quick one-two pass deal, so I rarely play anything.
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