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What do you do with your empty soap containers?

When I got a soap that the container was full to the top I'd put some soap into an empty container to give me some room to lather. The unused soap from whatever container I wasn't lathering in would be used to pull samples from to share/trade with other forum members.

I'd also use them to try out samples in when I wanted to try something new. It's better to pull a sample from a new soap and try it elsewhere. This way if you don't like it you can resell it as a new soap with a small sample removed instead of a used lathered soap. Some guys are skittish about using a soap someone else has used already.

There are some stray soap containers in the garage with some small nuts and bolts in them. I think I stuck some razor blades (the utility kind not the shaving kind) in another one.

Someone else told me that they put spices for cooking in them. There are likely quite a few uses for them that haven't been thought of yet.

I hate to be a hoarder but I'd rather repurpose them than throw another plastic item into the garbage.
It depends a bit on the container. But in general they are re used for other soap or giving away samples.
The large stirling ones perfectly fit half paa pre shave cube so I might need some more.
And I bought small ones just for the samples up to 30ml.
And sometimes they get binned.
This inspired me, I shall go grate a stick of palmolive into an empty container, and sorta press it down with my fingers. I will post results. Its not a very big stick left so hopefully this works... maybe half a stick.
This inspired me, I shall go grate a stick of palmolive into an empty container, and sorta press it down with my fingers. I will post results. Its not a very big stick left so hopefully this works... maybe half a stick.
You can just slice the stick up into thin coin-shaped pieces, press those into your container with a bit of warm water to soften it. Leave the lid off overnight to dry out and you should be good to go for tomorrow.
Here is the process/result:

Found an old tin, I chose a smaller one as I had maybe half a stick left...

It was easier to slice that I thought...

All the nice little slices in the container

I'll never be accused of being smart, but I did have the forthought to remove the wrapping/little knob at the end.. just decided to chop it up

Here it is all mashed down with my thumb, a spash of hot water to try and smooth it out... I figure a good swirl load tomorrow with a wet and it'll be pretty. Sorry for the sideways photo.

Not sure what to do with this plastic cap/knob.. maybe start another thread? (show us your knobs....?) lol Joking.

This was a great idea! Thanks!
Just received some 50ml 🪣
These are great for samples they easily fit stirlings pucks. Or if you share a big lob of soap


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+1! Yes indeed! And if you don’t have a lonely puck, you can always ‘press’ is a slice from a Cella brick! :a29: :a29:

Absolutely. When a soap can be purchased with or without a container, without is usually cheaper. If you have an open container, it fits the bill, nicely.
Usually, I buy refill pucks without containers, but my last few purchases were Cella and Stirling soap varieties, which come in plastic containers. I had planned to put them out with the recycling, but now I am thinking of using them for discarded blade storage when my blade banks are filled.
After reading this I think I'll use an empty metal soap container for storing used blades. Knew there was a reason I hadn't thrown it out!
When I started this endeavor I had this question. Now that I've been involved with it for nearly a decade, I know it to be a fool's errand... I haven't finished more than I can count on ONE hand yet! Seriously! I just bought 48 2 ounce glass jars to store 20 grams of roast coffee, each, for individual servings. WHY would I buy storage jars if I'd had all these soap pucks used up by now?
:eek2: :cuppa:
The only empty container I have is a Wilkinson blue tub. I add some from my stirling tub when I travel (remember those days?), or when I want a change from the puck I have been trying to finish for the last two years.

I figure I would prefer to lose a small amount of stirling instead of half a container should I forget it in a hotel, so a small amount in an old container is ideal.

When I give away samples, the small sample tubs from the Captain or body shop are ideal for creams or soft soaps.

When I do eventually work through my current stash, I will try to buy refills where practical. Otherwise, I will use them for screws, nuts and bolts etc.
My Fine American Blend made it into an emptied container. So did the travel size puck of Col. Conk Bay Rum. Have a few empties under the sink. I have gone through the Min Moustachery soaps quicker than others. I guess they are more creams. I have two that are almost empty now.

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I now have two wooden bowls from MdC 'brain bowl" original scented soaps. One sits on the counter in the French house and one here and both are used for loose change. Periodically I gather it up and put it back into the bank.
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