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What do you do with your empty soap containers?

Just curious what you do with your soap container when the soap is done.

Throw them out? Use them to store screws and nails? Old razor blade disposal? Give to the kids for arts and crafts? Hide your weed?

I use a Proraso preshave jar to store a bunch of razor blades in my bathroom, but have been throwing out (recycling) most of my empty jars. I have a few artisan containers that have either cool labels or are in nice glass jars that I would like to keep, but I am not going to just keep them for no reason. Hoping for some good ideas to repurpose a few...
I put a selection of blades in a couple containers to have them on the shelf. The rest of the blades stay stashed in a drawer.

I've moved some soaps from smaller containers (like Cella) to a larger container. Also, converted a Speick stick to a puck and put that in an empty container.
I have a nice small stack on a closet shelf. I pull one down when I get a new puck of soap, but I'm stuck on my small but perfect soap rotation, so they mainly just sit.
The Col. Conk soap (or cream?) tub from a couple of years ago I re-purposed for a sample of Stirling's Texas on Fire -- and as it turns out, the Stirling label peels right off and sticks to the tub lid. The green tub I bought from Stirling holds a mix of their Noir and Bay Rum samples, both of which are about gone. I'll clean that tub out and put it aside for now.
I haven't really had that many, to be honest. But I've kept a few. My Fine AB, Fine Santal, Mystic Water Lilac, and my grated frankensoap are all in re-used tubs. There are a few (like TOBS) that I don't like the shape of them, so they've gone into the garage for misc. storage.
Usually, I buy refill pucks without containers, but my last few purchases were Cella and Stirling soap varieties, which come in plastic containers. I had planned to put them out with the recycling, but now I am thinking of using them for discarded blade storage when my blade banks are filled.
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