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What do you do with soaps not likely to be used?


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I never really got into the soap craze but the few I had I gave to a friend. I may have four or five stuffed into drawers somewhere. Eventually they may just get tossed. I face lather and only use sticks now and 90% of the time, I use Arko.
I want to try arko but sensitive skin and when I smell it at the local shop my eyes start to water and nose gets burning so every time I put it down :) ahhahahahahah
I know I smell that stuff every time I go to my local shaving shop and I just think old aunt or old grandma or 60s-70s- dude in tab collar psychedelic shirt and white bell bottoms with platform shoes and the long nice hippie haircut :) hahahahahahah
Smells more like this IMO. 🤪

I mix them together & make frankensoap. I then always have a tub of soap I don’t mind using to break in my new brushes.
I found I wasn’t using shave sticks much, so I grated Speick, Wilkinson Sword and a partial puck of Williams Mug into a Frankensoap. All soaps I like mind you. If I truly don’t like it I don’t keep using it.
Only one was utterly tragic here, the Wilkinson Blue Bowl soap.

I evicted it, and used the good container for my home-made puck of Palmolive.
To answer the topic: it's soap, it's practically, universally useful and never meant to be thrown away.

Anyone's got something to clean at home. I still use part of the Vitos brick as saddle soap to wash leather shoes!
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