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What do you all thonk about Tsuka


my brain goes "thonk"
I got a sample of the spray of this I like it. It's not what I usually like in a fragrance, but every time I put it on I say to myself I like this, but I don't now why. When I first smelled I was standing behind and off to the right of a woman. I thought she had it on so I thought it was a woman's fragrance. I know you guys say wear what you like wether or not it's a fragrance for men or women. I just don't know what the note of this is that I like. It's a light note that stands out. Can somebody help me here.
Yes I'm talking about the Stirling scent. Maybe that's what I'm picking up on.
It's hard to describe but I like it. Looking into it supposedly it's a dupe of the original Hanae Mori cologne so you can check out some description of it online and it may help you.
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