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What do u think of Williams?

For me Williams was like the 1st soap I saw.

I used to lather it to use with a cartridge and there was tons of slickness for my shave to be satisfactory even with a bad lather

I think I got somewhat of a bad impression of wet shaving because I started with the most difficult soap lol
It works pretty well for me. Lather is not luxurious, but it is slick enough and the scent is classic 1960's Mad Men soap scent.
I was using Williams before I knew anything about getting a good lather (meaning prior to B&B). Wet, sloppy, dripping lathers, but slick. Learned to properly lather with other soaps, so the return to Williams--and great lathers--was a joyful one.
For the 99¢ I get it for, it's good, but can be difficult sometimes. Good slickness and scent, but lacking in the lather.
For me, it's awful. I consider it the worst "shaving" soap that I have tried. I baffle every time when I see an expression like "tons of slickness", or "luxurious lather" when people are describing the Williams Mug soap.
I would make it the official prison shaving soap though.
I think it's great. Easy for me to lather and gives a right dandy shave. Much maligned and that's unfortunate cuz it can be a "go-to" soap once you learn how to use it. There's a learning curve just like any other soap/cream
I used it for decades...very good slickness, but poor lather IME (I didn't realize this until I started using first-rate soaps). At "a buck a puck" it's worth trying. Some here have had success with it...you might be one of them.
Opinions about Willie's are fairly polarized... You either love it, or hate it!... I put myself in the love it camp! =)
Surprised to see such a positive skew in this thread. My introduction to Williams came recently, and I like it just fine. I'm using it twice a week now.

I have only ever seen it in a store once.
I've never tried it, but it is my understanding that people mainly use it for nostalgic reasons. I can't see any reason to shave with it, when there are so many great soaps on the market today.
Williams is not a good choice for a new DE shaver, I had a very hard time lathering it but have not attempted to shave with it in months. Blue Willie on the other hand is a great "croap" and I might use it again this year during the heat of the summer!
I can use it if I have no other alternatives, but I prefer to use other soaps instead. I do have over 30 pucks of it though. Why is beyond me and I'm sure family and friends will be wondering the same thing when they find it many years down the road after hopefully dieing of old age.
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I can get a really good lather now but it took a long time to perfect. I would say it's something everyone should try but it's not a top tier soap.
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