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What do I lube my resistant, squeeky DE Razors?

What do I lube my resistant, squeeky DE Razors?

I've searched for lube, but only found info on lubing the face, lube strips on crappy Machs, etc.

I have several DEs that could use a lube, but I don't want to mess up.

JMT said:
Soak the whole thing in Mineral Oil or Baby oil. That should do the trick.

I'll gladly second that. I generally clean my razor and soak it in mineral oil once every few months (or so).
JMT said:
Soak the whole thing in Mineral Oil or Baby oil. That should do the trick.

Also checking in on that. Mineral oil is amazing, especially on those adjustables. But even if it's just for the silo doors, it works like a charm.


I agree with the mineral oil advice. There are better oils out there, like FP-10, but they would be murder on the skin and that must be considered.

I bought my baby oil (mineral oil) at CVS. CVS brand was I think $2.29 for a large bottle. Just pour it back in the bottle after you soak the razor to use in the future.

And this mineral oil treatment really works. The razor mechanisms are super smooth. If they start feeling sticky, soak them in the mineral oil for a few minutes every so often.

Let the razor dry overnight with the doors open on some paper towels. Then wipe dry and enjoy!

Plano TX

Baby Oil is just mineral oil with a little fragrance.

Baby oil, it seems, is much easier to find then mineral oil. Then again, if someone just points out where to find mineral oil then I guess that's that.

I went several places and only saw baby oil. Then I spotted some mineral in a friend's cupboard and asked for it.
"BABY OIL" is just a more-expensive-per-ounce way of buying mineral oil, so splurge! A bottle used with care should only last 20 or 30 years.:biggrin1:
Mineral oil is sold in most drugstores, I think. Just ask. Or look in laxatives. That wouldn't be my choice for dealing with that issue, but that's where it often is. (My bottle is labeled for that use, and does not suggest any others, although I just use it for razors and wood cutting boards).
For me, I even use BALLISTOL, here is a Link to their homepage:

It's terrific stuff, primary produced for hunters and their rifles to clean them.
I use it also for the doorlocks at home and for the car, works great and provides the locks for blocking :)confused: I hope everybody can understand that:confused: )

I also protect the blade of my straight razor with BALLISTOL and, you can make your shoes and boots waterproof with the spray...

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