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What do guys here think of Schick Injectors?

Too bad those blades don't just come already to go in your Schick Injector. I jusr bought some new Schick blades and they seem pretty good. But it might be cool to try others.

I was just looking at Injector Style Blades from Ted Pella, Inc. I wonder what they are like?

By the way, he also has Father Safety Blades at a pretty nice price, I think.
I'd like to try an injector, just because it looks more like a "regular" type razor. DE is a little confusing, the feel/angle is different. Adjustable injectors look nice...

... which begs the question, why doesn't anybody make a new injector razor? It seems there are plenty of folks who want one.
There is at least one new Injector on the market. I think its called the Campus injector, or something like that. It was not all that well received though. The older ones are far nicer looking. But in truth, I don't think there's any big difference in performance among any of them. I think it would be great if whoever has the Schick name these days marketed a new deluxe Schick Injector. Gold plated, fancy box, the whole bit.
Used mine this morning. Did a good prep and used Surrey soap with a boar brush. I found it to be very enjoyable.



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I really like my injectors - my favourite is the adjustable, but I get good shaves with all of them, but the older ones with the bakelite handle do seem to be slightly more aggressive.

I have a large stash of NOS Shick blades, which are my blade of choice, but I also use the Pellas, which are very sharp and can be a little harsh for the first shave.

Injectors can give a rough shave if you lift the head too much, but so long as you get the angle right they are easier to get the hang of than a DE. I also find that the thicker single-edge blades cut a little differently than the thinner DE blades. The SE blades last just as long as any DE blade I've used.

As for the NC injectors - don't waste your money, while some people were happy with theirs, most weren't and the quality control issues are sufficiently widespread that buying one is a crapshoot. I had both the fixed and adjustable head NC injectors and they paled in comparison to even my cheapest Schick.

The women's injectors are very good and have the lever that allows you to open the head for cleaning - also they often sell for less than comparable men's models.
Hi All,
I'd read a number of negative reviews on the NWC razor, and pretty much blew em off for quite a while. Then, about a month ago, a well respected member (Guenron) posted his thoughts after using one. He was extremely pleased with the results, when used with some old personna blades he'd remembered about having. That combo seemed to work well for him. Now I fully understand the YMMV effect, but I use those same blades in my other injectors, so it sorta intrigued me.
Couple weeks later, there's an auction at The Shave Den........an NWC razor (used once) with 13 made in USA schick blades. I figured, what the hell, maybe I'll take a chance, both in bidding and if winning it, then actually trying the thing. A crapshoot for sure.
Anyway........cost me $14.50 with shipping included (thank you JoAnna). I've used it five times now, and except for the first , the shaves have been very nice. It's a good deal heavier than my other injectors, even more than my K1's . The handle's rubber covered and dimpled, which is a nice feature. It's about an inch longer than my L's and M's, so it took a little adjusting of my grip. First shave was a 'getting to know you' shave....heh. Wasn't bad, but wasn't great. Mostly it was a combination of even less pressure was needed than I thought, plus learning the new different angles needed. It may not be quite on the same level as my L or M types, but very nice shaving with it. No burn after that first shave, very smooth when using it, and the extra weight feels good. I'll plan on using it again in the near future.
Well, looks like no snake eyes for me,

Oh..as an afterthought: It seems there IS a wide range of injector blades ( Gotta be at least half a dozen) available, and I'd imagine that some will work better in certain razors. I think, and it's been mentioned before by others, that the blade makes or breaks the injector experience just as much as using a DE razor. What's the point of using a great shaving razor with blades that don't work for you? Same as a DE, far as I can see.
Please, please stay away from the Injectors,.....:cool: at least while I'm lurking on ebay.......

At 65 years old, I've shaved with DE's and Injectors, when they all cost under $ 2.00. I just paid, over $ 60.00 for a late model NOS Schick Injector, my 4th now. Why; for me they just are faster, smoother, and the firearm like loading is, well, firearm like:biggrin: The old short handled 40-50's models show more blade, and with a cut down Feather Pro, gives straight razor like shaves. I have a Merkur Progress adjustable that does a fine job, but I have to stay right on top of it's angle and pressure, unlike the Injector, in a steamy shower with a hand held mirror in other hand, does it's job with little attention. Surely some of it's secret is in the horizontal ridges on the safety bar. They do seem to do something, as the one Personna Injector I have, does not do as well as the Schicks. But, I have a Pal SS adjustable on order, to experiment with further on that subject. Still have not scored a Schick NOS adjustable,...MG I must have had a dozen of them in my teens and twenties......back then, we just all new you were much less likely to cut yourself with the injectors. And, well, bleeding on a date, was just not "cool".

I switched from a Gillette Tech to a Schick Injector when I began shaving in the late 50s because of its stainless steel blades and continued until 1966 when I went into the Air Force. My favorite was the PAL Stainless Steel Adjustable which preceded the non-adjustable. I thought the Schick Injectors were not as durable as the PALs and the thought that the PALs could last much longer made sense to me. I also prefer one-piece razors since they also seemed more durable especially when they were made like the PALs. I have never seen the need or sense for adjustable razors though I have used them; just seem to add to the complexity without improving the performance IMO. I also think the blade is the most important component of a shave but good soaps/creams also contribute.

An excellent thread; educational as well as entertaining and enlightening. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion(s).
I'm getting really great fast and easy shaves from the few I've tried. I started with an "E" type and fell quickly in love with the simplicity, speed and precision of these razors. Thanks to an extremely generous member in this thread I've had the chance to try the "M" dial type with some Personna twin Injector blades, whew now that's a close shave!!

I now have an "I" type to try, a few "G"s laying around and a "D" type on the way. Yes it seems as if I have acquired the dreaded SAD, Schick Acquisition Disorder.
Seeker, can you tell me if Pal and Personna SS were the same?
No, I cannot. In 1966 when I went in the af I made the mistake of taking my PAL razor with me and they had us turn in our razors and other personal items and then issued us Schicks and in turn we were told to turn in those and purchase Techs in the exchange probably because they were 3-piece and could be disassembled and polished. The af never returned our personal items either; SNAFU.
I guess Personna also made a stainless steel injector but after 1966 I remember seeing few(if any) of either. Perhaps they were too good for their own good i.e. lasted too long/forever prior to the mfrs(ha, ha) discovering that blades/cartridges were "where it's at" and/or the may have been too expensive to manufacture and sell. I don't think many were made but one-piece stainless steel DEs and Injectors have always seemed like a good idea to me.
I have a NOS PAL adjustable coming to me from ebay, so guess I will find out.

The SS/plastic Personna non-adjustable I have is not the match of my Schicks.
I would like to start a thread with those using the Feather blades in their Injector razors.

Are you still experiencing the best shave with these?

Do early manufacture Schicks, or adjustables work better with them? What about the Pal razors?

I'm currently using the Pro Blades in a G model and boy they are sharp... An every other day shave is all I need.

Have only used the German Schick's until now.

I'm cutting mine with Aviation sheet metal snips and stoning the cut end smooth before inserting them. I found this the fastest. If the cut ends aren't stoned smooth they don't want to slide smoothly into the razor without galling and moving sideways causing blade edge to drag and dull on blade stops. I also cut and square both ends. If not, the large radius corner of the Feather on the un-cut end can seat the blade at a slight angle to the safety bar, depending where it contacts the little blade stops. I use a penetrating oil on the razorhead clamp so blades slide in really smooth.
I know these devices don't get a whole lot of discussion here, but I was wondering, in general, what people think of them? Have you used them? Do you you like them? Are they worth checking out?

I know there are some people in wetshaving circles who think they are the end all and be all of shaving. The guy over at www.shaveblog.com talks about putting some other kind of blade in them. I think its a feather blade from a straight razor or something. I don't know if I would ever go to all that trouble, but I still woudn't mind trying an injector one day.
I used a Schick injector years ago - like - 20 years ago. The blade has one side . You have limited choices of replacement blades. The razors are not adjustable (well - I guess the real old ones are).

I will stick with my adjustable Gillettes - not all interested in an old Schick.
I have some J's and later that I use occasionally and like them a great deal, both the adjustable and non-adjustable. I've found those sufficiently agressive and haven't (yet) tried the older Schicks. An injector was one of the first razors I used, too long ago and that probably counts for something. There are a variety of blades to try. DE blades are a bit less expensive.
i actually have a bit of a rare object on its way to my house, a Gillette built injector razor, i will try to post pictures when it arrives,
i actually have a bit of a rare object on its way to my house, a Gillette built injector razor, i will try to post pictures when it arrives,
I have one of those that I have yet to shave with. I was surprised at how much plastic it contains and also how the head looks very cartridge like.

I have bought a bunch of DEs as well as injectors and have pretty much stayed with the latter. Easier shave, using the Pellas/EMX blades, and just as close. Only caveat would be that if you are using one with Hydro-Magic, after you clean out the gunk from inside, be sure the blade is where it belongs before you close it up. Had one get off to one side and was nicking me just a bit where the blade protruded from the guard area. Not a problem with the regular ones as the blade is never allowed to move.