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What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

Wednesday morning shave

Razor: Greaves & Sons
Brush: Synthetic
Soap: MWF
Post: Clubman

Another great shave! Synthetic brush doesn’t get much use. Im more partial to boar, so this brush just sits waiting. Another PIF for my brother perhaps? MWF just feels great, very nice to have it back in the rotation. Happy Wednesday.
Pre-wash/shave - Goat's milk soap and the PAA Cube
Brush - PAA Atomic Rocket
Soap - PAA Awesome Sauce
Bowl - Timeless
Razor - Karve Brass Christopher Bradley. D-SB Plate.
Blade - Gillette Silver Blue (2)
Post-shave - Lucky Tiger and PAA Mysterium Serum

Shave Rating: 8.0/10

Much better shave today with the Karve. The D-SB plate is much better for my face than the B-OC plate. The Karve feels a little more clunky than the RazoRock Lupo SS DC, but the brass feels great against my skin. Just need to dial in the right plate!


- Brush: Simpson Tulip 3
- Razor: Like Grandpa Grooming (Karve B plate)
- Blade: Derby Premium (2)
- Soap: Stirling Tangerine
- Aftershave: Stirling Tangerine
- Post Shave: Thayers Rose, Hyaluronic Acid

Quick 2 pass shave after a disastrous shave yesterday. I don’t know why people dis Derby blades. They aren’t bad. Not my favourite, but they are a good mild middle of the road blade.

I smell like fresh tangerines according to my wife. This is a great citrus scent. Perfect for summer.

And my Alrossa/Amazon Tulip 3 in Super... one of the best brushes I have ever used. Not cheap, but half the price vs. Simpson‘s direct. Still available on Amazon.


Good way to feel the summer coming
Stirling Orange chill pressed in a mug paired with an Aftershave tonic with Orange Blossom and menthol!
I envy @JAHE that has the soap, AS and EDT version of that soap. On my wishlist after the sabbatical. Definitely a sample I could enjoy to 3017.
That 3$ razor is the best cost/greatness ratio of all my shave Den. Also gonna grab another or 2 after the sabbatical.
Good way to feel the summer coming
Stirling Orange chill pressed in a mug paired with an Aftershave tonic with Orange Blossom and menthol!
I envy @JAHE that has the soap, AS and EDT version of that soap. On my wishlist after the sabbatical.
Isn't it a crisp soap?:001_wub:
Glad you enjoyed the stuff!

I'd PIF you a portion of my OC stuff in a minute but unfortunately they won't allow me to ship alcohol based stuff via airfreight.

PS: it's not an EDT but the witch hazel (which seems to have even more menthol than the AS, at least this is the case with my current bottle).

Stay safe & don't get tempted!
First shave with my new rotbart 5031
wizamet SI (1)
Muhle STF brush
AOS sandalwood pre shave
AOS Oud shaving cream
Acne face wash then blackhead scrub
Cold rinse, alum block
Cold rinse, AOS sandalwood aftershave balm

overall 9/10 BBS
honestly this is a pretty mild razor and I had read that before testing it out, so I paired it with a fresh sharp blade. Still had some more than usual difficulty to get a perfect shave. Thankfully no blood spilled or irritation from chasing BBS. Maybe it would be even better with a feather or Kai?
Either way though it’s a gorgeous razor just wish it wasn’t SOO light weight haha.



My Wednesday Afternoon Shave
Prep: Warm shower​
Two pass shave: WTG, ATG/XTG​
Razor: Ralf Aust 5/8 Full Hollow Spanish Point w/ Black Acrylic Scales​
Pre-Shave: Taconic Organic Pre-Shave Oil, Unscented (First time using!)
Brush: Rudy Vey B&B 2020 #23/30 w/ Shavemac Finest 22mm​
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap w/ Ceramic Bowl​
Facial Toner: Thayers Alcohol-Free Original Witch Hazel Facial Toner with Aloe Vera Formula​
Aftershave Balm: Every Man Jack Fragrance Free: Menthyl, Chamomile, Shea Butter, Vitamin E​
10/10 DFS! No irritation! No nicks!
  • First time using this pre-shave! I will have to use it a couple of more times before reviewing. I will say that I did not notice anything special during the shave. On the other hand, I had no irritation nor nicks. (Additionally, I usually have some feedback from this AS, but not today.)


Blade: Personna Reds (2)

Soap: PdP No. 63, Ethos Greenfresh ; started with PdP did two passes and the PdP just was not working with the brush it was not creating a good lather, switched over to the Ethos and what a difference great lather cushion on my face, I will give the PdP another try, but what a difference between the two soaps.

Razor: Timeless Ti SB .95

Brush: Omega Premium Jade Boar brush, this is by far the best boar I have ever used, and I have a great Zenith Boar, barber shop size. From what I understand this brush just gets better with use.

Post Shave: Ethos Unscented skin food, SV Cubebe aftershave, skin is so smooth and moisturized.

1st 2/3 was a 3/10, last 3rd was 10/10 6ABCF59D-4055-4F58-8D6B-47B72AA0F3E5.jpeg
Thu 8th SOTD
Soap RazoRock Mudder Focker
Brush Yaqi 26mm Lucky Dice Tuxedo
Razor RazoRock G37 Slant
Blade Bolzano Superinox Inossidabile 2nd
Post & Aftershaves Ice Water + Stirling Witchhazel BayRum + Hyaluronic
Was able to dial up the soap into a super nice thickly creamy and very slick lather with a scent I like very much but just too mild...!!
Shave with razor paired with the blade was good. Smooth and comfortable in 3+1passes for a bbs to dfs finish. So good was the shave, a half pass performed on the neck and that resulted in 2 creepers...dang! Too greedy...hahaha 😆
Very nice burn and good scent from the BayRum Witchhazel. Rating 9.5/10!
Prep : Room Temperature Water Splashes + Glycerin Face Wash
Razor: Feather Artist Club SS
Blade: Schick Proline 30 Blade (D1)
Brush: Shavemac Germania 2-Band Silvertip Badger
Soap : Stirling Eucalyptus and Mint
Aftershave: Alum Block + Cold Water Rinse + Old Spice Original AS Lotion
Rating : 9.85/10

First shave with this blade and it's really sharp and very smooth from the word go ! :pipe:

Very close, comfortable and effortless BBS in 2.5 passes ! :001_wub:
Soap/Cream: TOBS Sandalwood cream
Brush: Mühle Silvertip fibre M
Razor: Merkur 38C
Blade: Personna Platinum (3rd)
Post: Ladrôme witchhazel + alum
AS: Proraso red AS.

2 passes, excellent shave.
The daily shave is becomming a well-organised routine. Maybe some day soon I need to shake up things a little by introducing some new element. Recently bought some Palmolive cream. It comes in a tube, which'll be new to me. Or maybe I could start experimenting with bowllathering instead of face lathering.
We'll see. For now, the routine feels just fine. 15 minutes of me-time that doesn't require a lot of reasoning or thinking.
Todays Cold Water Shave Kit - Thursday 8th April 2021

Shave Score 9.7/10.0

PreShave: Hot Shower
PreShave Cream: Proraso Refreshing PreShave Cream
Soap: Lea Classic
Brush: Yaqi 24mm - Purple Haze
Razor: RazoRock GameChanger .84 SB
Blade: ASCO Platinum
Post Shave ASL: Floid
Post Shave Balm: LEA 3 in 1
Post Shave Cologne: Penhaligons - Douro

A nice BBS was had from the ASCO Platinum with the usual 3 pass with a little chin buffing :)

Have a good day all.


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