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What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)


- Prep: Shower
- Brush: Shavemac Silvertip
- Razor: Rockwell 6S (R5)
- Blade: Polsilver SI (2)
- Soap: Stirling Executive Man
- Aftershave: Stirling Ramblin Man AS
- Post Shave: Thayers Rose, Hyaluronic Acid

Great shave with my new to me to me ShaveMac. Excellent soft tips with just enough backbone. Also, Polsilvers are incredible blades and at the top for me.

First perfect BBS for me in a while.



Blade: Personna Crystal (3)

Soap: MDC

Razor: Timeless Ti SB .95, I have said it before this is the perfect razor for me.

Brush: Simpson’s T3 Super, just came today, love the Handle size, the brush is really incredible
it was even better that I paid $130.00 for it on Amazon, it is $277.00 on the Simpson’s site.

Bowl: Captains Large Copper Bowl

Incredible shave I could use this razor everyday forever, at least until I get my Wolfman

Ah so nice to shave again. Was feeling rough there for second. Laughable but true. Basically I missed a connecting flight and couldn’t shave. 48 hr or so beard growth after being used to shaving every day for a while now. Anyway onto the shave-

muhle r41
Gillette minora trial run (1)
AOS sandalwood pre shave
AOS Oud shaving cream
Acne face wash then blackhead scrub
Cold rinse and alum block
Cold rinse and Proraso red aftershave

overall 10/10 BBS shave!
Like I said first time using the minora blades, WTG was fine until the chine area and it felt rough so I whipped up my shaving cream to be slicker and that fixed it. Also think I just had to break in the new blade a wee bit with more passes. With that though came slight irritation revealed with the alum block. Nothing too bad. We’ll see how I like this new blade over next few shaves. Heard great things about this version of it being pink on the wrapper.


Pre-shave: Proraso Green
Soap: Arko
Razor: Rolls Razor
Brush: Omega boar
Aftershave: Osage Rub / Lilac Vegetal

Been infatuated with straights as of late but I think it's time to play with the Rolls for a little while.

First full shave test of the new edge on this blade. Decent shave, no irritation or cuts but it was a little tuggy on the chin. Took it back to the stones for a bit. We shall see how it is tomorrow. Perfectly passable shave though, but I know it can do better.



Yes it is, could not believe how easily it created lather, and how soft , but nice it felt on my skin.
The Emperor should arrive tomorrow, and I am checking out BradSears and Morris & Forndran bushes, I have always wanted one.
Brad Sears brushes look great.

I have the $99 Alrossa Emperor 3 as well which is smallish but great. My Shavemac finally landed today and I am going to pick up a Thater and a Chubby 2 Silvertip soon. And I recently ordered a Kent Silvertip and a Zenith Manchurian too.

I haven’t bought brushes in years, so I am having fun trying a bunch of different and new things. After the above are delivered, I am honestly done!
Just a quick Monday shave;

Soap: Modern Williams
Lather Bowl: Fine Accoutrements
Brush: Zenith Boar
Brush Soak: Van Der Hagen Bowl
Razor: Blackland Blackbird Brass (OC/SB)/Merkur Mustache and Eyebrow
Blade: Personna Lab Blue (3)/Merkur Mustache and Eyebrow (03)
AS: Clubman Original
Rating: 9.8/10
Tue 23rd SOTD
Soap OSP BayRum
Brush DS Cosmetics 26mm Badger
Razor GC 0.84-P SB
Blade KAI 1st (Mysterious KAI Blades PIF Participation)
Post & Aftershaves Ice Water + Thayers + Hyaluronic + Clubman VIBR
This is real classy soap, easily producing a creamy, slick, and lovely scented lather.
The shave with razor paired with the mysterious blade was quite good actually. Rather smooth and comfortable even for the atg pass on the chin and lips area. However, found the shave is better & smoother with a shallow angle. 3passes for a mixed bbs to dfs result, however encountered 3 weepers...Excellent aftershave. Rating 9/10
Prep: Room Temperature Water Splashes + Glycerin Face Wash
Razor: Parker SRB Shavette
Blade: Wilkinson Sword Indian Half Blade (D1)
Brush: Duke 3 in BEST Badger
Soap : Tabac
Aftershave: Alum Block + Cold Water Rinse + Skin Bracer AS Lotion
Rating : 9.85/10

Very comfortable and nice BBS in 2.5 passes !


Prep: Warm Shower
Razor: Rockwell Model T
Blade: Personna Lab Blue
Brush: Ubersuave Synthetic
Soap: Barrister & Mann Seville
Aftershave: Alum + Rockwell Barbershop

DFS | 9.0/10

Today I am trying out a popular soap. It has a nice subtle scent, good for night shaves. So far I've tried two B&M samples and I am impressed with how much lather they generate despite the small containers. Just one nick on the neck today, didn't feel it happening. Wish you all as good or even better shaves today!

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