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What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)


Wednesday's shave- superb two-pass, with touch up, 9.9/10, near BBS, no nicks, two tiny weepers, no irritation.

Razor: Feather AC DX western style
Blade: Kai Potouch MG(4)-
blade is still good to go
Brush: Semogue 830- liking this brush a lot as it's still breaking in, seems to be a great boar face latherer, I do wish they wouldn't have died the hair
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat- in my homemade shave stick, works fine
Post shave: cool rinse, alum, then some Humphrey's Witch Hazel and Tabac AS lotion.

Humphrey's WH, new for me, I think it smells a bit earthier than Thayer's. Seems to work as well; I'll alternate and see. I'm getting near perfect shaves each day now and loving it!

Great shaves wished for all; try and stay healthy!
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Used MWF tonight also, no matter what MWF & Tabac will always be in my soap rotation. Also used a boar brush tonight.


Pre: Hot towel
Brush: Zenith Boar (I do not use this brush that often but when I do I wonder why I do not use it more)
Blade: Voskhod (2 and last day)
Soap: MWF
Bowl: Captains Large Copper bowl
Razor: Timeless SS Scalloped .95 (getting to really like the .95)
Post: Pinaud Clubman

It was a great shave, very efficient and smooth, that is my new container for my MWF, had to move it out of the Tabac container, I felt it was only fair to the Tabac puck.

Once I use up this puck of MWF I will buy it in the MWF container.

MWF and Tabac lather like no body’s business, on my second run through my soaps since I got Captains Copper Bowl.


Tomorrow evening will use a Polsilver in the .95 base. 623964FA-8EA9-4EEF-A2A6-A6E5CBF1CB3B.jpeg
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Razor: RazoRock Mamba 70
Blade: Gillette Silver Blue (2)
Brush: RazoRock Plissoft Monster Synthetic Shaving Brush - 26mm
Pre-Shave: Hot Shower
Lather: Cella Extra Extra Bio + Neutrogena Sensitive Shave Skin Cream for men
Aftershave: Cold water rinses

No nicks: 5
No irritation: 5
Closeness: 5
Smoothness: 5

Overall rank: 10/10

Very good shave. Very close and pleasant shave. Not as close as the 3ONE6 + Wilkinson Sword Classic.

Thu 14th SOTD
Soap The Goodfellas Smile Chronos
Brush Yaqi 26mm Lucky Dice 2 Band Badger
Razor Game Changer.84-P SB
Blade Dorco Prime Platinum 2nd & last!
Post & Aftershaves Ice Water + Thayers + Hyaluronic + The Goodfellas Smile Chronos
Good lather from the soap. Really nice scent.
Shave with razor paired with the blade was just ok. Smooth and comfortable for 3passes except during the atg pass on chin and lips area for a dfs to ccs result. It was skippy & tuggy but fortunately did not suffer any nicks nor weepers. This is the best area to determine blade quality. This blade not so good for me. Will be ditched. Excellent post & aftershaves. Rating 9/10
Quarantine Shave #2

Pre-shave: Shower/hot washcloth/PAA The Cube
Razor: Gillette Goodwill 164
Blade: 7am Plus Platinum
Brush: Semogue 830 23mm Pure Bristle Boar
Soap: Arko
Bowl/Mug: 3D printed bowl
Post Shave: PAA Mysterium Serum
AS: None

72 Hours of growth
Been sleeping a fair bit, and binge watching a few programs, along with watching Bama destroy OSU in the Nat'l Championship game, and haven't shaved in 3 days, so I decided to shave tonight.
Decided to give the 195 a rest, and broke out one of my Goodwills for duty, paired with the 7am blade I used Sunday. That shave left me with some minor irritation on my neck. Today's shave was much better in that regard.
I still can't smell anything, so Arko was again the soap of choice. Sliced off a sliver and pressed it into my bowl, and let it bloom while I was soaking my Semogue brush, and prepping my face.
Once my face was ready, I dumped the bloom water, squeezed the brush, and set about making the lather. When it was ready, I fired up some tunes, applied the lather, and set about doing a 3 pass shave.
The results were excellent. BBS on the face, and BBS WTG on the neck. A touch of whiskers when rubbing the throat ATG, but nothing WTG. A very excellent shave.
I hope my sense of smell comes back soon. It really sucks not being able smell any of the soaps or aftershaves (aside from Arko... that I can live without).

No nicks: 5
No irritation: 5
Closeness: 4.9
Smoothness: 5
Overall average: 9.95

- Prep: Hot Washcloth
- Brush: Vulfix Pure Badger
- Razor: Gillette Red Tip SS
- Blade: Personna Med Prep (3)
- Soap: Jack the Barber Sandalwood creme
- Aftershave: LOreal Hydra Energetic toner
- Post Shave: Thayers Rose

Another nice evening shave. A Med Prep in a SS is hard to beat.

My floppy Vulfix did well with cream bowl lathered. Awful face lathering brush though.

I picked up a tub of Jack the Barber a while back at Marshall’s. I think it was 5 bucks. Nice mild sandalwood scent that needs lots of water and patience. It does make a good lather for an inexpensive cream. Made in Australia.

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shave 20210113_185922.jpg
Razor: Wolfman WR2 1.25-SB (RR Super Knurl Handle)
Blade: Feather (2)
Brush: Heritage Collection Ever-Ready 500E (Manchurian knot)
Bowl: Captain's Choice Copper
Lather: La Toja (Stick - grated into a tin)
Aftershave: La Toja

Three passes + touch-up. No nicks, cuts, weepers or irritation.

Great shave. :cool:
Thäter 4670/5 with Stirling Ozark Mountain
iKon B1 OC Deluxe with Astra SP (3)
Stirling Haverford
Probably best shave ever. Giving a 9 rather than 10 because I am not chasing BBS everywhere and I think there are better to come. That said: Stirling was magnificent, Marco's Method really delivers with this soap and I don't feel guilty overloading. The iKon is restablishing itself as a favorite. I was working on a few days growth here, which are often easier shaves for me.The true tests are the consecutive daily shaves so hopefully I will have time tomorrow to shave again. This week I have started experimenting with bullfroging to eradicate the last bits of irritation on my neck. After today's shave I am hopeful this may be the key.
Be well, all!
Prep: Room Temperature Water Splashes + Glycerin Face Wash
Razor: Parker SRB Shavette
Blade: Wilkinson Sword Indian Half Blade (D2)
Brush: Semogue 610 Boar
Soap : Mitchell's Wool Fat
Aftershave: Alum Block + Cold Water Rinse + AXE Signature AS Lotion
Rating : 9.8/10

Very nice BBS in 2.5 passes !
Williams Wednesday on a Thursday.

Classic Shaving Occams DE and Modern Williams with Aqua Velva.

Prep: Hot Shower
Soap: Williams Mug Soap
Razor: Occams DE (OC and SOC)
Blade: Astra SS (1)
Brush: Zenith Big Scrubby Boar
AS: Aqua Velva Ice Blue (Eur)
ASB: Aqua Velva (Eur)
Rating: 9.3/10

Yesterday's shave was so great, I did it again with the Occams DE.

Thursday 14th

Cream - D.R.Harris Windsor
Brush - Simpson Colonel Best Badger
Razor - Feather Artist Club SS
Blade - Feather Pro Guard
Balm - TOBS Jermyn Street

This was the fifth go with a shavette & although I got the best result so far, it didn't seem to go too well. Probably trying too hard.. 7/10

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