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What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)


Razor: Schick N1 Injector Razor
Blade: Schick Plus Platinum injector blade
Brush: Rubberset 203 in Super Badger
Pre-Shave: Proraso White
Lather: Haslinger Shafmilch
Aftershave: Maurer and Wirtz 4711
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented
Pinaud Finest powder

Razor: 1941 Gillette Ranger Tech TTO; first use by me
Blade: Astra SP (1)
Brush: Muhle Silvertip Fibre synthetic
Soap: Cella, red tub
Rating: 9.8

Today's shave on a little over two days of growth. BBS+ (if there is such a thing?) after WTG/XTG/ATG passes; no nicks, but very slight irritation on the neck and a lot of blade feel, so I deducted 0.2 from the rating.

I was pleasantly surprised at the aggressiveness and efficiency of this razor - it felt more like a Gillette Old Type and less like the 1960s Gillette TTOs (Slim and Fatboy dialed to 7) than I expected. Also, the nickel plating and general fit and finish seemed superior to those 1960s razors.

This razor is in outstanding condition. I will post a pic the next time I use it.

A nearly unused 1958 Super Speed TV Special is on deck for the near future, and I am curious how it compares to this Ranger Tech.
Prep: Warm water
Razor: Merkur 38C
Blade: Derby Premium (1)
Brush: Simpson T3
Soap: Stirling "Sheep" (unscented)
Aftershave: Thayers witch hazel, Proraso (white)

Love the new soap, hate the Derby blade. Normally I'd be willing to admit that maaaaaybe I failed to keep up my end of the shaving bargain when my face is feeling this hot and irritated a couple hours post-shave, but not this time. I'm confident I was on my A-Game and that the Derby Premium and I simply do not get along. To its credit the shave IS quite good (no nicks, no weepers), but it took waaaay too long to get there when compared to other blades on my short-list such as the Lab Blue, Israeli Blue or Nacet, for example. Maybe the Derby would get better with subsequent shaves but I'll never know.

Overly Generous Rating: . 7/10
Thursday Shave
Pre-shave: Shower/PAA The Cube
Razor: British Tech
Blade: VDH
Brush: Vintage Rooney
Soap: PAA Good Vibrations
Bowl/Mug: Fleamarket bowl
Post Shave: Nivea balm
AS: PAA Good Vibrations

48hrs of growth
Went with a British Tech for my shave today, paired with a new VDH blade.
While I've had okay shaves with the VDH blades in other razors, it was very aggressive when paired with this British Tech.
I got one nick and a weeper, and a ton of feedback from the aftershave. There was a fair bit of irritation during the shave, and just post shave, but it has dissipated since I finished my shave. No noticeable redness. But the shave is very close

The Rooney Bristle and Badger brush is just so nice to use. I'll be looking at getting a few mixed knots for a few brushes I'm looking to restore.

First time using the Good Vibrations set, and the soap is the typical great quality, and I love the scent.

Today's shave gets an 8.5/10 due to the irritation during and post shave.
Razor: Schöne - Grande Handle
Blade: Feather (3)
Soap: Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood
Brush: Simpson Trafalgar T3

I think the Fatip 11 tooth open comb is slightly smoother ATG than the Schöne 9 tooth open comb, but both excellent shavers, and I love both.

Rating: 9.8 / 10

Have a wonderful day, and stay safe my friends.

Alright, received my St-James Cream sandalwood and bergamot today. Decided to try face lathering for first time. I told myself cream would be a good start since it lathers easier than tripple milled soaps. Also used badger because I prefer the feeling.
Was also first time trying an Astra SS in the FOCS. Usually Astra sp.
First pass : was okay, Little bit of lather but good feeling on the face. Little bite from Astra SS
Second pass : poor lather and many bites from the blade. Felt protected as a young men in jail showers. Never got that many nicks from the FOCS.
Third pass : decided to bowl lather and got a good pass with great lather but the dmg was there from previous pass.
In conclusion the Astra sp is much smoother then the Astra SS. Last time I used the SS was in a very mild razor so didn't remember anything special. As for face lathering I can see the fun potential because it was fun trying making lather but the results were poor for my 1st time.
As for the cream, I think they forgot the sandalwood in the sandalwood and bergamot scent. Lightly scented, only bergamot scent, great lather. I prefer strong scented products. Didn't use the proraso red AS in the picture, rather went with witch Hazel and Nivea cream AS to heal faster.
Take care,


My Thursday Morning Shave
Prep: Warm shower​
Two and a half pass shave​
Razor: Merkur Progress 510 @ Level 3​
Blade: Gillette Silver Blue (5)​
Pre-Shave Cream: Proraso Red, Sandalwood & Shea Butter​
Brush: Semogue 1305 Pure Bristle Boar​
Soap: Williams Mug Shaving Soap​
Aftershave: Proraso After Shave Balm, Cypress & Vetyver​
Rating: 9.9/10 DFS! No irritation! No nicks!s
  • Not quite BBS, but close
  • This brush is finally getting broken in! Held water and soap like a champ
  • This is the first time I have gotten a comfortable shave with the GSB
Razor: Blackland Blackbird sb
Blade: Gillette 7 o'clock super stainless (1)
Brush: Razorock 400
Soap: London Oatcake Lavender Melt
Post: Zingari Man The Explorer balm
Rating: 8.5

All the shaves so far with the Blackbird have been stellar so when one comes along that's just "good", it seems a bit disappointing. This blade felt a bit off during the shave and I'm not going to keep it so next up will be a Ladas. The end result is just fine but it wasn't a really comfortable shave or quite as efficient as usual.
Pre: None, dry skin
Razor: Gillette New Improved Big Fellow
Blade: Lord Platinum (2)
Brush: Simpsons Polo 8 Super
Soap: TOBS sandalwood Soap
Post: Thayers WH

Rating: 10/10. No cuts, irritation.

A Superb shave, one of the best I've had with just 2 passes, 1xWTG, 1xATG. A third pass would have been too much of a good thing. The NI BF razors never disappoint, really well balanced, efficient and smooth. I built the lather directly on my dry face with the Polo (no pre rinse or soak), I find I get really good results this way and just use the natural oils of my skin for additional slickness, and save a bit of time.

Normally I find the Lord Platinum's a bit average sharpness, but I've cracked open a new 100 pack and they seem sharper than the last, the second shave on this blade was excellent.

PA234905 (2).JPG


Primary Razor: Personna Twist (England)
Blade: Personna Israeli Platinum Red (1)
Brush: Mühle 39K256 19mm STF
Lather: Martin de Candre Natural
Post-shave Skin Care: RazoRock Alum, Thayers Rose Skin Toner and Hyaluronic Acid + CeraVe mix
Aftershave/Fragrance: PAA Doppelgänger F-Bombs Aftershave Cologne

Post Shave Skin Care:

Tired tonight. Quick 2-pass WTG/WTG plus XTG touch-up along the jawline. No nicks, cuts, weepers or irritation.

Quick, decent shave. :)
Fri 23rd OCtober#18 SOTD
Soap Ariana & Evans Kaizen
Brush Yaqi 24mm Ruby Tuxedo
Razor Yaqi DOC
Blade Gillette Super Nacet #3
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + Old Spice Original
Good lather from the soap. Strong scent and nice slickness.
Shave with razor paired with blade was good...very smooth, comfortable and efficient for 3passes. Skip the usual neck pickup/half-pass to avoid ruining a good shave. Mostly a smooth bbs to dfs result. Super post & aftershave. Rating 9.7/10

Razor : Blackland Blackbird OC
Blade : BIC (5)
Soap : Meissner / 13 Samples Mixture
Brush : Yaqi 24 Silvertip
Post : Alum + Meissner / Wild Oranges Aftershave

WTG=>XTG=> DFS! 10.0/10.0

Two passes with Blackland Blackbird and almost a BBS ! Incredible razor. The most efficient.
Prep: Warm Water Splashes + Glycerin Face Wash
Razor: Parker SRB Shavette
Blade: Gillette 7O'Clock Black Indian Half Blade (D1)
Brush: Stirling 2-Band Synthetic Brush
Soap: Haslinger Coconut
Aftershave: Alum Block + Cold Water Rinse + Denim FRESH AS Lotion
Rating : 9.8 /10
Very very nice BBS in 2.5 passes !!
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Pre-shave (in order of use)
- Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser
- Clinique Clarifying Lotion No.2
- King of Shaves Advanced Shave Oil
- Haslinger Meeresalgen (Seaweed)

Post-shave (in order of use)
- Omega Alum Block
- Jack Black Protein Booster Skin Serum
- L'Occitane L'Homme Cologne Cedrat After Shave Gel Cream
- Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser

- Gillette '58 Super Speed TV Special
- GSB (2)
- Antica Barberia Mondial Boar

Shave Rating: 8/10
I've been noticing some irritation and ingrown hairs the day after shaving so spent some time re-mapping my growth pattern last night before shaving and then changing my shaving angles with a WTG and then 2 x XTG passes (ATG just doesn't work well for me). It seems to have worked with no additional irritation or ingrown hairs after last night's shave.
The GSB has also smoothed out, if I didn't find them as rough on their first shave GSB's would probably be one of my standard go-to milder blades.
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