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What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

Prep: Warm shower and nivea cleansing gel
Pre Shave: Proraso the white one
Razor: Wilkinson Classic the metallic butterfly
Blade: Lord platinum fourth shave
Brush: Omega pro 49 boar
Soap: Prosar greek shaving creme
Aftershave: Proraso lotion green + nivea sensitive balm + nivea moisturizing creme for men
Rating : 7 /10

I shaved very lightly today and did two passes. One WTG and one XTG but diagonally. Very very lightly. I got a couple weepers but nothing too bad. The creme performed perfectly. Lots of lather, nice protection and very nice post feel. Overall not amazing but ok - I always get the best shaves when at least 3 days have passed since the last shave. I only shaved yesterday but it was ok that's why I gave a score of 7. The razor performed ok, not something ultra amazing but it works just fine. The lord blade also was very nice although it's its 4th time being used.

Regards, Mike
Tuesday Shave

Pre-shave: Warm washcloth/PAA The Cube (non-menthol)
Razor: 1952 Super Speed (the first vintage I found in the wild)
Blade: Vidyut Super-Max (3)
Brush: Ever-Ready 200T restored with a pure badger knot.
Soap: PAA Future Fiction
Bowl/Mug: Fleamarket find bowl
Post Shave: Seabreeze wipedown/Nivea balm
AS: PAA Future Fiction

Haven't used the '52 SS in a while, so I decided to break it out and give it a spin. Haven't shaved in 3 days.
The blade didn't give me as good a shave as the last one, but I'll give it another shave before binning it. It wasn't a 'bad' shave, but just okay.
The Ever-Ready sure does a good job making lather. It's quite stiff, and scritchy, but I like the way it feels.

Post shave wipedown with Seabreeze was refreshing, with a very tolerable 'burn'.Followed that with the Nivea balm, and cleaned up from shaving.

After I was done cleaning up, I applied a splash of FF AS.

A good, decent shave, with no nicks/cuts.




Razor: Karve brass B plate with charcoal goods maze brass handle
Blade: Gillette Silver Blue
Soap: Barrister and Mann Hallows
Brush: Maggards Synthetic 24mm
Post-shave: Thayers
Balm: Barrister and Mann Hallows

Today was another great shave with my Karve Razor. I just got the Charcoal Goods Maze handle and Barrister and Mann Hallows in the mail and couldn't wait to try them out. I had a really close shave with very minor irritation on my neck in 3 passes. Barrister and Mann Hallows is a wonderful soap and great if you like autumn scents. Overall I'd give my shave an 8.5/10 due to minor irritation. I think I like Sharks chrome better in this razor then GSB which are my normal go to blades.



My Tuesday Morning Shave
Prep: Warm shower​
Strop: Tony Miller​
Two pass shave: WTG, AGT/XTG​
Razor: Le Grelot 5/8​
Pre-Shave Cream: Proraso Red, Sandalwood & Shea Butter​
Brush: Rudy Vey w/ Synbad Synthetic​
Soap: Proraso Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin​
Aftershave: Proraso After Shave Balm, Cypress & Vetyver​

Rating: 9.3/10 Very nice shave! No irritation!
One very minor cut (not a nick) while trying a new stroke...​
Wed 21 OCtober #16
RazoRock Mudder Focker
Brush Yaqi 24mm Silvertip
Razor Parker 26C OC
Blade Wilkinson Sword #2
Post & Aftershave
Ice water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + Axe Signature Denim
Appreciate this soap more and more. Good performance lather with a long-lasting unique scent.
Shave with razor paired with blade was very good. Smooth and comfortable for 3passes with bbs to dfs result and no issues. Good post & aftershave. Enjoyable session. Rating 9.7/10
Prep: Warm Water Splashes + Glycerin Face Wash
Razor: Parker SRB Shavette
Blade: Wilkinson Sword Indian Half Blade (D2)
Brush: Simpson Duke 3 in best badger
Soap: Valobra Cologne Soap
Aftershave: Alum Block + Cold Water Rinse + Denim FRESH AS Lotion
Rating : 9.8 /10
Very very nice BBS in 2.5 passes !!


OCtober 2020 #12
Primary Razor: Fatip Lo Storto Originale
Blade: Personna Med Prep (5)
Touch-up Razor: Schick Type E
Blade: Schick (17 touch-up passes)
Brush: Omega Evo
Lather: Razozero Agrumella
Aftershave: Razozero Agrumella

Additional post-shave skin care:

Shaved with my standard 3-pass + touch-up pass.

Outstanding shave! :)
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