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What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

Tue 31 SOTD
Cream TOBS
Brush Yaqi 24mm Silvertip
Razor EJ DE89
Blade Treet Platinum 4th
Post & Aftershave
Ice water
Thayers Lemon Special Mix
PAA Cavendish
Good face lather results. Creamy and slick. Very nice aromatic scent.
This EJ DE89 is my 1st DE razor and my safe go to everytime. When paired with a good blade...nice smooth shave!
3+1pass ATG, XTG/ATG, ATG & ATG. Ice water rinse then apply special Thayers. No weepers nor irritation today, phewww! BBS 98% result and rating of 9.8/10
Back to burning up items that need to be gone. Both daughters and my wife have said I smell like a Christmas tree today. Probably not a combo for the end of March.

The positive side of this is the shave was fantastic. Day 4 I believe on blade. I will drop it in the 1912 tomorrow.

No red dots.

First day starting my work day from home today. Maybe a good day for this scent combo :)



SOTD,Tue March 31st 2020

Razor : Oneblade Core Version 2 - MFG 2018> excellent daily driver with a GEM blade!
Blade: Gem Personna SS PTFE (9)
Soap: Colonel Conk Bay Rum- I really find this soap really easy to use with reasonable lather qualities!
Brush: Yaqi Timberwolf whiskers 24mm- great brush.
Pre shave: Brush wash my face with CeraVe hand bar soap + a dollop of clear Aloe Vera gel on beard area.
Prep : Cold water rinse after each pass of 3. -just as good as Menthol Buzz feel.
Post shave: Avon "True gent"cologne with witch hazel + Avon True gent balm instead of Nivea .
Results: 9.5/10 or CCS,DFS,BBS + very little irritation + no weepers = :a17: great shave in my books.

SOTD,Tue March 31st 2020 (2).jpg

Have some great shaves!


Razor: Rex Supply Ambassador
Blade: Gillette Silver Blue
Brush: Ever-Ready 250 Pure Badger Cased
Pre-Shave: Cremo Brushless Shaving Cream
Lather: Long Rifle Brown Bess
Aftershave: Pinaud Brandy Spice
Additional Care:
Thayers Facial Tonic Witch Hazel Unscented
Pinaud Finest powder
Rating 10
Razor: Maggard open comb with thick bulldog type handle. (Probably the Parker open comb head.)
Blade: US Personna lab blue/barber (1)
Brush: Vulfix best badger (sorry, don't remember the model)
Soap: Williams
Rating: 9.5. Close, smooth, irritation-free shave. Some cheek and chin stubble 13 hours later. Overall, I'm a fan of the Parker opem comb head, and the heavy handle makes it work better than the Parker 26R handle.

Woohoo! 5th grandchild due today on what would have been her great grand-dad's 90th. He passed a couple years ago. I'm grandpa! :)

Shavemac 2band silvertip badger brush, Haslinger Schafmilch soap, Personna blue blade, Timeless .68 sb titanium head w/stainless handle. 10! :)

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congrats on the grandchild......have some myself.

they grow up too quickly even when you tell them not to!!!!!



Shave 20200331

Continuing my 2020 Resolution to stop chasing BBS!

shave 20200331.jpg

Prep: Splashed water on face
Pre-shave: n/a
Brush: @Graydog Full Moon Chubby
Soap: Haslinger Schafmilch
Bowl: n/a (face lathered)
Razor: GEM Junior, Bakelite Handle
Blade: Ted Pella GEM Personna (10 and retired)
Post-shave: Dickinson's Hydrating Skin Toner
Aftershave Balm: Bath & Bodyworks Hyaluronic Acid Gel
Aftershave: Clubman Osage Rub
Cologne: Pinaud Clubman Lime Sec

WTG, ATG & XTG. Minor touch-up.

DFS++ with no weepers, nicks, cuts or irritation. Outstanding shave!

I REALLY like using the @Graydog Full Moon Chubby brush. :)

Great combination of hardware and software. :)