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Todays shave:

Gillette Fusion Skinguard cartridge razor.
Gillette Fusion Proglide gel
GFT Sandalwood skin food.

Todays shave is all about comparisons between cartridge and DE razors.

The shave was close enough but VERY patchy in places even after several ATG passes. I’m guessing because the blades are spring loaded they sometimes ride over the hair instead of cutting it. There was all too much stickiness from the lube strips. The gel was ok but not great.


Blade sharpness 6/10
Blade comfort 6/10
Shave quality 4/10
Gel quality 4/10

Overall 5/10

Final thoughts.

Now I know why I like my Sledgehammer so much. Just simply does a far far better job.

I love when subject yourself to bad shaves, knowing the cart won't hold up to the shaves you get from the Sledghammer. I enjoyed the report even with the bad shave.
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Oh Man, Now I'm even more excited and I haven't even gotten a shipping notification :w00t::scared::w00t:
I want to temper your enthusiasm a bit. That soap has turned up on the BST a few times so it's not for everyone. I just feel kind of bad for them that they couldn't enjoy it. I think it's maybe one of Ethos' best creations. Right up there with Vanilla Safi.

Classification: 8/10

Pre Shave: Just for Men Best Face & Beard Shampoo Ever (Portugal)

Bowl: Antiga Barbearia do Bairro (Portugal)

Soap: Savon du Midi Mistral (France) - Veggie thing I used for the third time. Shy scent. Gives a very reasonable lather. Good price-quality relationship

Brush: Omega 81230 Pura Setola Effetto Tasso 23 mm Knot (Italy):
It's broken alright. Not a particularly beauty, but very effective and confortable.

Safety Razor: Merkur 38 C (Germany)
This razor is too mild for me. Good option when you're a bit in a hurry, because you feel you won't cut yourself with it. You don't need to concentrate very much, nothing serious will happen.
This handle version is the worst, very slippery. Specially when you use it south-north ATG. You have to grab it with 5 fingers.
Gave me a close shave but not bbs. By the way it never gave me one. And that's why it's not in my short rotation. Some times I remember it.

Blade - Personna Platinum, second shave - one of my top ten blades ever.


Cutoline (Portugal) - Got from this alum block the feed back from the shave: super smooth.

La Toja aftershave balm (Spain) - Very good balm

Eau de Cologne Lavanda Ach. Brito (Portugal) - Big bottle, very refreshing portuguese cologne.


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Soap: Stirling Noir
Razor: Thiers Issard 7/8
Brush: Simpson Duke 3 synth
Aftershave: Witch Hazel / Osage Rub

Lazy day- was going to skip the shave today but couldn't resist another go with my 7/8ths. Great shave. Ended up skipping cleanup because frankly I didn't need it.

Quick thought on my Duke 3 synthetic- I'm catching myself grabbing it predominantly lately. I've complained about this brush in the past on how I didn't love it at first but funny enough it's turning into my main brush.

No irritation, but did get 2 weepers that didn't survive final rinse so I won't count those.
My Thursday Morning Shave
Prep: Warm shower​
Strop: Tony Miller Premium Steerhide Smooth w/ Linen​
One pass shave: WTG​
Razor: T. The Aiku'M No. 60 - 6/8​
Pre-Shave: None
Brush: Rudy Vey Design Handle w/ Synbad Synthetic​
Soap: Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream w/ Bowl, Royal Forest​
Facial Toner: Thayers Alcohol-Free Original Witch Hazel Facial Toner with Aloe Vera Formula​
Aftershave: Taylor of Old Bond Street Royal Forest Luxury Aftershave Cream​
9.2/10 DFS!

Brush: 26mm SynBad
Lather: Stirling Deton-8
Blade: Gillette 7 O'Clock (1)
Razor: Blackland Blackbird Stainless OC
Post: Thayer's and Chiseled Face Midnight Stag splash

A fantastic shave with the Blackbird today, wow. I nicked a blemish, but other than that, nothing but top scores. The SS OC 'Bird is just floating my boat right now, what can I say?

Today was the first time I actually wore Midnight Stag out of the house in the morning. Its scent notes are: gasoline, oil, leather, smoke. It took me about ten evenings of a light application just to acclimate myself to it. Fortunately, the gasoline note fades first! Incidentally, my car went to the shop for an oil change today, so I figure I blended right in.

I'll make a slight deduction for the nick, even though I don't really want to: 9.9/10.
Fri 24 SOTD
Soap Yaqi Lemon Lime Cedarwood
Brush Yaqi 24mm Green Mink
Razor Pearl Open Comb
Blade Shick Super Stainless 8th
Aftershave Yaqi Lemon Lime Cedarwood Splash
Nice enough soap for the scent, cooling, and the rich creamy, and very slick lather...
Another very good shave with this blade paired with the razor. Very smooth, crisp, and efficient. 3passes for a bbs finish.
The matching aftershave cooling is a huge kick to the face..wow hahaha!! Rating 10/10!!
24 June 2022

Old Spice bar soap (in bowl with white cap)
King C. Gillette
Stirling Barbershop
Q Shave Scuttle
Gillette Silver Blue blade 1 of 2 Shave #2
WTG, XTG and then buffing as required
Rinsed & dried face f/b Witch Haze f/b Omega Alum stick
Old Spice (now in small travel bottle)
9.2 DFS
Moderate residual stubble, but no nicks or weepers.
An improvement over yesterday in terms of remaining stubble. Perhaps this GSB blade will need more shave to break-in.. I’ll give it 1 or2 more shaves, and if no improvement, bank it and move on.
Shave of Day BB.jpg

Face wash with Neutrogena Liquid Face Soap
Seaforth Sea Spice Lime
Rudy Vey with Shavemac 2 band D01 Knot
Captain’s Choice Copper
UK Aristocrat
Thayers WH & Proraso ASB
Versace, The Dreamer
I used the Seaforth Sea Spice Lime soap for the 15th time. It’s time for a new razor and blade. Next in my rotation is a UK Aristocrat razor loaded with a fresh Kai blade. Today’s brush is a Rudy Vey with a Shavemac two-band D01 knot. Some find this knot hard on the face, but I like it. It loaded soap like a champ and makes a great lather. An excellent shave. Have a good day and weekend, folks.
Shave rating: 9/10
Prep: Hot towel, Viking preshave oil
Soap: Mitchells Wool Fat
Brush: Trotter Mojito Timberwolf
Razor: Yates 921M, Three passes
Blade: Personna- Kindly provided in a PIF batch of different blades. Love this one so far.
Aftershave: Duke Cannon- This is the ice-iest, menthol-iest, post shave balm I've found yet. Keeper for sure!!

Comment: The M-plate on the Yates 921 is super smooth, nice, and mild, however requires more work/time with touch-ups. Not a biggie, but time consuming. Zero irritation, however.


Soap: Stirling Varen
Brush: Stirling Finest Badger
Razor: Gillette Fatboy F1
Blade: Nacet (2)
Post: Pinaud Clubman

Good morning! My first Fatboy shave today. I had sort of decided against buying one as I already have more than one slim, but was on the bay last week and saw this one for little enough it was worth the gamble. It needed a little tweaking of the t bar and the endcaps, and I also disassembled it and did a deep clean and light polish. Pretty pleased!


As for the shave - in many ways it shaved just as I expected based on my experience with the slim. It did seem a tad milder on the same setting. But it’s a great shaver, and I now own a good Fatboy.

Todays shave was with a Safety Razor:
• Timeless Ti .95mm Scalloped bar with polished finish.
• Gillette Silver Blue blade (3rd shave).
• Olive oil bar soap lather for preshave.
• Captains Choice lather bowl.
• TOBS Shaving Shop Shaving Cream.
• Proraso after shave balm for face.
• Proraso green after shave lotion for back of neck.
• Omega boar.

Today I reached for my Timeless scalloped bar with a Silver Blue blade, (3rd shave and last). Excellent shave as I enjoyed mixing up this TOBS in my new Captain’s Choice Copper Bowl. Very relaxing as I took my time, reflecting on my many favors and blessings and giving thanks. I really like using my Proraso Green aftershave. Not overpowering and light while refreshing during this very Hot Summer Day. Enjoy the upcoming weekend Ladies and Gents!


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