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I just got Kai blades and I haven’t used one. I heard they’re wider so they will make your razors more aggressive. Do these work well in vintage Gillette razors or does it ruin the shave in your opinion?
I’m not who you asked but I like KAI blades in vintage Techs and my Red Tip. Similar to Feathers as they are both very sharp.

KAIs are a touch wider but 9/1000’s of an inch is almost negligible. It is just another really sharp blade IMO.
Today's shave

Preshave: From Slock’s mad scientist lab Slock’s universal, certified soon to be internationally famous proprietary shaving oil blend.
Razor: Gillette Slim (6)
Blade: GSB

Soap: Uncle Jon’s Pipe Smoke
Brush: Semogue 1305
Balm Stirling unscented balm
Aftershave: Stirling Mountain Man

I’m not who you asked but I like KAI blades in vintage Techs and my Red Tip. Similar to Feathers as they are both very sharp.

KAIs are a touch wider but 9/1000’s of an inch is almost negligible. It is just another really sharp blade IMO.
Thank you that definitely helps. I don’t have a Red Tip but I’m waiting for an Aristocrat set. I believe it’s a 1946-47 but I’m new to vintage Gillette razors so I’m not sure. I’ve heard it said 5D89878B-B3B0-4212-BCBD-9D609EF43453.png it’s similar in aggression to the Red Tip
shave 20210914_135801_2.jpg
Razor: Blackland Razors Mixed Metal Blackbird OC (Blackland Razors Ti Blackbird Handle & Cap + Stainless OC Plate)
Blade: Perma-Sharp (4)
Brush: Turn-N-Shave 25mm Quartermoon Fan
Bowl: Captain's Choice Copper
Lather: Vito's Extra Super Coco
Aftershave Balm: Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm + InstaSkincare Hyaluronic Acid
Aftershave: Bootlegger's Bay Rum
Fragrance: Cuba Orange EdT Spray

Superb shave! :cool:

Check out my Journal for shave notes and other musings:
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Prep: Hot Shower
Razor: Super Speed
Blade: Shark SS
Brush: AP Shave Emerald FAN synthetic
Soap: Fine American Blend
AS: Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic


First time with the Fine American Blend. I really like the scent and it pairs well with Stirling MitA
I also have Fine Lavender and will be giving it a test drive very soon.
Prep : Warm Water Splashes + Glycerin Face Wash
Razor: Feather Artist Club SS
Blade: Schich Proline P-30 Blade (D3)
Brush: Custom Shavemac 2-Band Silvertip Badger
Soap: Razorock Santa Maria Del Fiore
Aftershave: Alum Block + Cold Water Rinse + Nivea AS Balm
Rating : 9.91/10 :pipe:

Very close, comfortable and smooth BBS in 3 passes ! :001_wub:

f_ss.jpg proline30.png
Sept Stirling Slant Wed 15 SOTD
Soap Stirling Haverford
Brush Yaqi 24mm Synthetic Clear Handle - New & Very Nice!
Razor Parker SemiSlant
Blade Vintage Polsilver Super Stainless 8th
Aftershaves Stirling Witchhazel MitA + Stirling Haverford Splash & Balm with some Frost Drops...
Awesome aromatic cigarish tobacco scent! One of my favorite! The lather was creamy and slick too...
The shave with razor paired with this continuing blade test was still ok for 3passes without any issues but can feel the blade is not as good. Can feel some chattering. The result was dfs to ccs. Matching aftershaves were awesome as well!! Rating 9.5/10
Pre-shave (in order of use)
- Clinique for Men Face Wash
- Truefitt and Hill Pre-shave Oil
- Arran Lochranza Shaving Cream

Post-shave (in order of use)
- Omega Alum Block
- Stirling Tea Tree, Witch Hazel & Aloe
- Hylamide Skin Serums
- Arran Lochranza Aftershave balm

- FaTip Piccolo Gentile
- Astra SS (1)
- Omega Jade (011842)

Fragrance for the day:
Floris Santal

Shave Rating: 9/10
First shave with an Astra SS and an excellent shave. The blade is sharp and smooth and worked well in the Gentile (although the glue spots are a bit annoying). My Omega Jade continues to break in nicely as well, soft but not overly floppy due to the loft and knot size.
Overall a pleasant shave with no irritation or alum feedback.

Preshave: PAA Tube 2.0
Razor: Fatip lo Storto Gentile
Blade: Wizamet Polsilver Stainless (12)
Brush: 2019 Rudy Vey B&B LE Manchurian
Soap/balm/splash/frag: Stirling Varen
Additional post shave. Cold water rinse, alum, and instaskincare hyaluronic acid

First time using mutton tallow formula. Was a little tuggy till I flipped the blade which I do when I remember after every shave. It was better, but, where previous shaves with this blade were great, this shave was just good. CCS with no irritation at all, no nicks or weepers.The alum was all but silent, but, I took a lot more care during the shave and did not chase DFS/BBS. I will try to push through with this blade today with my Timeless 0.38 SB Bronze. I figure if it is still uncomfortable it will be the last shave on this blade.


15 September 2021

Prep Brush
Old Spice bar soap Using Omega—Gray Dog—Ohio
King C Gillette (KCG) Closed Comb --China & Germany
Old Spice Original—India Until it is used up
Shark Super Stainless--Japan Shave #2
Lathering Brush:
Q-shave Scuttle
WTG and ATG f/b moderate buffing
Rinsed and dried face, f/b Dickinson’s Witch Hazel f/b Alum rub down.
Jeris Musk for Men—USA
10.0 BBS
No stubble, nicks, or weepers. A nice shave to begin a busy dau/

Taking the LOTH out to breakfast this morning.


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
Result: 9.5/10
Pre-Shave: Cold water splash - PAA Tube 2.0
Soap: Henri et Victoria Bay Rum
Brush: AP Shave Co. synthetic
Razor: Karve Brass SB Plate C
Blade: Silver Star SS (1)
Post-Shave: Cold water splash - Stirling Bay Rum-scented Witch Hazel - Lucky Tiger face tonic
AS: Captain's Choice Cat-o'-nine-tails Bay Rum

Good shave...sliced a blemish clean off my right cheek with the fresh Silver Star blade. I'm so used to the Lupo and Wolfman with titanium handles that the brass Karve with a brass handle felt like a club. Great razor though...gave a wonderful shave. Keeping it in the rotation. New soap from Henri et Victoria. Their Bay Rum is similar in scent to Mystic Waters Bay Rum and Zingari Man The Nomad...very similar scent. New shave bowl from Captain's Choice...the Obsidian model. My wife wanted this for the kitchen...that should tell you something about how attractive this bowl is. Felt good in my hand and the ribbing and dimpling on it had a lather up in no time at all. The Captain sent me with this bowl, samples of Italia and Island Time soaps as well as a free ceramic bowl of a discontinued model...my wife got that one for the kitchen. And this, my friends, is just one reason why I am a steady customer of Captain's Choice...the other reason being that the product line is top notch.

Happy Shaves, Everyone!

10/10 excellent shave! Used some of my favorite items
-Blackland Brassbird OC (Becoming my fave razor
-Rapira Super Stainless (new fave blade)
-PAA Amber Aerolite (PAA synths are my fave brushes)
-Capt Choice Copper Bowl (daily driver bowl)

-PAA Holly day cube (cube is my fave pre)
-345 Soap Co. Fresh Cut Fade Trifecta (345 soap co is one of my all time fave artisan software maker and this is one of my fave scents)

I had a phenomenal shave. Super smooth. Super comfy. No nics or cuts. Just smooth bbs face and smelling GREAT!

Fayiz D.

Razor: Razorock Lupo 72
Blade: Wizamet (6)
Brush: PAA Nexus 26mm / Sea Glass Handle
Soap: Stirling Electric Sheep
Aftershave: Stirling Electric Sheep, Hyaluronic Acid

Good morning! A most excellent shave. Face lathered with the Nexus / Sea Glass brush. The Nexus knot is extremely soft and makes great lather very quickly. Same knot as the Solar Flare, just larger. Two passes with the Lupo and Wizamet (wtg, atg) and a little clean up. BBS. Finished with Electric Sheep splash and hyaluronic acid.

Razor :Rockwell 6S, Plate R4
Blade: King C Gillette (1)
Brush: Omega 10049 Boar, 26mm
Bowl: Fine Lather Bowl

Lather: Soap Commander Inspiration, Japanese Grapefruit

Post: Humphrey's Citrus Witch Hazel,
Soap Commander Courage Aftershave Balm

A truly wonderful shave. Soap Commander makes a great lather and the Rockwell R4 plate
with a new King C Gillette blade really delivered. I have to try plates 1 and 6 just so I know what they are like. I don't remember using them. I've used 2,3,4 and 5. The Omega 10049 is an excellent, well broken in boar.
A complete BBS. No nicks or weepers or razor burn. I can't seem to keep my hand from feeling my face. The most 10 I've ever had I think.
Have a great day everyone

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Shave 1.jpg

Face wash with Neutrogena Liquid Facial Soap
Ethos Unscented
B&B Essential Boar, 10th Anniv. Edit.
Captain’s Choice Copper
Wolfman SS SB 1.05
Personna Med Prep
Thayers WH & Ethos Skin Food
Yves Saint Laurent
It’s Wednesday so out comes the Wolfman. The blade is a Personna Medical Prep blade for the second use. The brush is the B&B Essential Boar, 10th Anniversary version. It’s too bad these brushes are no longer available. They were lather ready right out of the box. A great lather, a great shave, and hopefully we all have a great day!!!
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