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What did you start using today?

I just picked up a pick of this too. Need to get the splash before they disappear. Closest replacement for Fine Fresh Vetiver I’ve found to date!

I wonder why Tom Ford Grey Vetiver clones always get discontinued?
Probably my favorite vetiver scent. I can’t speak to other brands but I’m pretty sure the Stirling Faskally is a seasonal thing for winter. Been on a bit of a MdC kick lately and might have to use the Faskally today. I’m tempted to get the splash and a backup puck too


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
AP Shave Co. G5B synthetic brush. It was fine, but it's no G5A.

I used Tabac for the first time. Was a good shave. I really like the scent. It is very nostalgic and it reminds me of my maternal grandmother, but in a masculine acceptable way.
Thu 20
Soap Shannon's Soap Lavender Lemongrass
New and 1st use Soap! Very nice lemongrass scent! The lather is good quality...

Fri 21
Soap Shannon's Soap Silk Pajamas
Another new and 1st use Soap! Very nice scent...hmmm..somehow detected some tobacco? The lather was easy to create and it was just creamy and slick enough...
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