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What did you start using today?


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I've seen threads about what did you finish...decided to create one on what did you start.

Today...for me...RazoRock Plague Doctor splash.
Williams Mug Soap

Never considered buying this as there were so many posts saying how difficult it was to lather. Decided to try it eventually and had no problems lathering. Didn't have to soak the soap in hot water etc. Just wet the top of the puck. Left it for a while while I showered. Loaded my boar brush for 20 seconds. That's it. Good soap. Will definitely use it often.


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I recently bought such a titanium kit on ebay,
The handle for the razor and at the same time the ball handle, for a long time doubted whether it would be convenient to shave, but having tried it, you can shave and write something down is also quite convenient, definitely it will go to the collection.


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Great idea for a thread.

Technically yesterday in this instance but these 3: Razorock Plissoft 24mm Italian Barberpole Brush, Goodfellas’ Smile Solo Shaving Soap & Aftershave.

Stetson Original. Attracted by the low cost and so far, so good. No sticky residue for my oily skin, decent burn and a fragrance that lasts.


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Yesterday and today...not expensive, easy to use, lots of fun and great results...was very surprised!
Both are specifically obtained to satisfy the SR urges during prolong travels...
After 1 uses each using the Feather Proguard...nothing but wow! Super easy. silky smooth and the best...very efficient! Shorter time too due to the ease of use...
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