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What did you learn from your safety razor shave today?

I have been having a rough go with my Simpsons M7 Manchurian. It was fine for the first few months that I had it and then it became almost too scrubby for me. I could only use it on the day after I skipped a shave.

I realized it was self inflicted and that the M7 has to be soaked while I shower instead of just getting wet under the tap!!

Today's use was a good scrub!!
I have learned that an old lady still can deliver modern stellar results. If I were forced to use the Gillette English Flat Bottom only from this day forward, I would still smile from ear to ear. Excellent razor and my first (and only) vintage razor!


Reminded how much I love to use these vintage acquisitions. This le taillefer I found at a Belgium floh market over the weekend , paired with a feather blade What was a pleasure. Anyone familiar with this razor?


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I learned I can get a DFS (or better) shave with the Yates 921-EH with a single pass on my face with several days growth (though I did a second pass on my neck since the hair on my neck grows in a circle in one area and I wanted to get things smoother on my neck).
I learned that my Claymore Evolution is as good for me as I thought it was. I've been using the very fine, British Flat Bottom Tech for the past 5 shaves. They have been good shaves and shaving with a DE is new to me, so that's a factor.

I've already posted this elsewhere, but I can't imagine a better shave than I had today.
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