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What did you learn from your last shave?

Some might call me wasteful but I have found that the blades that I prefer will yield 4 good shaves consistently and maybe more but after 4 I’m taking a chance so I bin the blade after the 4th shave and have not had to deal with a blade that has gone too far. The exception is 3 shaves for a Feather. YMMV
I learned that next time I'm angry or frustrated I'm just gonna postpone my shave to either later in the day or the next morning.
Albeit I had a nice shave no cuts or nicks but a moderate amount of razor rash and irritation and I was still kind of pissed off
I learned that next time I'm angry or frustrated I'm just gonna postpone my shave
Words to live by. I'm still learning the restraint it takes not to take comfort in shaving (because I won't, and then two or three more days until a proper shave).

From my last few shaves I learned that the bowl is even a face latherer's best friend.
A couple whiskers on my Adam’s Apple might be growing in a different direction than the rest, meaning I have to figure out the direction in order to properly shave against the grain.
TIL the thirds shave with the Lord blade was a mistake. Chins were fine, everything under the jawline became a heavily irritated mess.


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@Cal I also shave the left and center portions of my face, so it’s more than just the right way. Also, the gentleman who popularized “the Guillotine stroke” usually shaves with a Gillette brand safety razor, so all bases are covered.
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In these COVID pandemic days, trying new blades is a great way to ‘travel’ around the world! :a29:

I am currently enjoying Egypt with a selection of ‘new’ (to me at least) Lord blades!
I find it incredibly interesting to go to a site like Razor Blade Club and look at the incredible variety of DE blades. It seems like an inexpensive way to have a lot of fun trying new things. Perhaps I'll have to give it a try...

:thumbup1: Me too, Tallships (except when I'm using a slant).
I'm new so it's not surprising but I haven't seen this. I can't recall once seeing or hearing anyone talk about this technique in videos on YouTube for example. Fascinating.
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