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What did you learn from your last shave?

Sometimes using a KAI Protouch Guarded AC blade makes a whole lot sense when learning shaving with a AC Shavette's. They are nice and easy to learn from(they will nick if your technique is off). I'm not sure why more folks do not use them even in regular aggressive AC razors.
In my last shave I learned that I don't need to use a lathering bowl* with my Blues, Goats milk & animal fat soap. As long as I soak both brush and soap in hot water for a minute or two. It face lathers beautifully into a nice and thick lather.

*provided that I don't go at it like I'm trying to whisk eggs (like I did when I used this soap fir the first time)
Quick shave this morning without shower went really well. Washed face, lather, shave and aftershave. Grabbed the kids and ran to dentist. I love those little surprises that put a smile on my face for the rest of the day!
When you're used to using a Spanish tip straight and use you new French point. Should have paid more attention to the tip.
Nick, nick, nick.
Put away soaps and blades you hated and blamed a crappy shave on and try them again a few months later.

More than a few times I have re-tried a blade or soap I previously hated... and really liked them the second time around.
What did I learn... trust myself. If I don't like a razor after giving it 2 chances, don't use it for a third. And to beware of trusting youtubers that promote products they haven't paid for or are selling.
That the tried and true methods of an old barbershop shave can be enjoyable and beneficial.

Yesterday I soaked a hand towel in hot water and then wrung it out and applied it to my face after applying my Preshave. I left it there for about three minutes. The result was that the Preshave disappeared when I removed the towel, but the lather application to my face was easier and more efficient and the razor felt like it was gliding on a sheet of ice. The resulting shave was closer than any shave that I’ve ever had. I’m a daily shaver and 24 hours later I still don’t need a shave.
That I still have not learned the proper technique (aka: "Don't get too enthusiastic!") for shaving my lower lip without drawing a speck or two of blood. Usually the problem is on the left half, not the right, and I am right-handed, so perhaps I'm attacking it at the wrong angle.
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